Exploring Majorca- On two feet, two wheels or a Segway?

Majorca has often been tainted with a reputation as a destination that caters only for the loud British tourist, a location that only represents Spain when Enrique Iglesias comes on during Karaoke. However the Island is changing, its capital city Palma is now a reflection of cosmopolitan Europe and the north of the Island is backpacker welcoming. Areas of the Island if explored properly offer travellers the opportunity to taste traditional Spain, a degree of adventure and a sample of 21st century travel.

Europe can be an expensive destination for backpackers, especially with the faltering Euro currency and troubled economic climates pushing exchange rates to all-time highs. Whilst there are many destinations with cheap flights in Europe, is it cheap to stay or explore? Probably no. Although Majorca may not seem a fashionable Island to visit it ticks all the traveller boxes, cheap flights, cheap hotels and a location worth exploring. Cheap holidays to Majorca allow you to step onto this Mediterranean gem and explore via a number of transport.

Exploring by bike or scooter

Northern Majorca is a region suited to the backpacker, rural villages and resorts with a laid back atmosphere confirm you are likely to avoid the louder resorts situated in the West and South of the Island. Perhaps the most striking of natural attractions in this region is the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range. This natural wonder of Majorca was recently awarded with World Heritage status, detailing its cultural and physical importance to region. The mountain range covers nearly a third of the Island and is 90 km in length, it is in the north of the Island however its highest point sits (Puig Major) and most spectacular viewpoint Cap de Formentor lies.

The mountainous region is frequented by cycling teams all over the world, detailing the pedigree of cycling routes on the Island. While most travellers are not international mountain bikers, areas of the mountain are accessible by bike and cater for those wishing to explore this way. For a true experience of the region a Vespa scooter can be rented, this guarantees the opportunity to take in all of the natural beauty of the region and a way of seeing the intriguing landscape without a tour guide. The route to Sa Calobra is the perfect example of Majorca’s meandering roads that sit beautifully in the natural landscape, offering a suitable thrill as you navigate round the road known as the ‘Snake’. Even when the landscape is cut off, your eyes are met with one of many tunnels carved into the rocky terrain. Once you have reached Sa Calobra an almost mirage vision awaits, with an unspoilt cove and natural gorge. The thrill of the journey creates a crescendo which is met with a conclusion of outstanding natural beauty.

Exploring by foot or Segway

Palma has experienced rejuvenation and regeneration in recent years. Added finance to the area seems to have worked as the city forges a burgeoning reputation as a location to experience cosmopolitan Europe. The harbour has been one area that has benefited from this injection of funding, with new restaurants and traditional cafes surrounding the harbour this is an area to enjoy some hustle and bustle. Perhaps representing the mix of old and new in Majroca is the Segway trips available in Palma. Use this futuristic technology to explore at ease and be part of the cosmopolitan vibe in Palma. The arranged Segway tour takes in all of Palmas famous sights including the cathedral and harbour. However if you wish to go on your own trip, you are free to explore on your Segway with arranged rental times.

Majorca is a destination that will remain popular with families, and it provides all the amenities for that holiday. However it also provides a mix of culture, exploration and value that appeals to backpackers it’s just waiting to be explored.

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