Eureka Women’s Archimedes Backpack (62+8 Litre)

Eureka Women’s Archimedes Backpack is a backpack with all the features you need. It has an internal frame of 62+8 Litre capacity and a design that is perfected the demanding travelers. The good thing about Eureka Women’s Archimedes Backpack is that it includes a daypack in case you just need to carry a bag for light use. You don’t really need to use the big main bag of Eureka Women’s Archimedes Backpack in light situations, the daypack surely comes in handy. Here are some of the wonderful features of  Eureka Women’s Archimedes Backpack:

Eureka! Women's Archimedes LT Backpack (62+8 Litre) - Phantom/Sea Grass/Dark Grey/Black


-The tri-lock web compression system of Eureka Women’s Archimedes Backpack ensures security and stability as the backpack is carried. It also stabilizes the load inside the bag to distribute the weight correctly to avoid body pain.

-The lite harness system with dual internal aluminium of Eureka Women’s Archimedes Backpack also adds up to the security of the user as the bag is carried.

-It also has a conical hipbelt that gives  the needed comfort and support but without unstable form of usual hipbelts.

-Eureka Women’s Archimedes Backpack uses recurved shoulder straps with two layers of cushions to ensure comfort and stability while you carry the backpack even in difficult places.

-Eureka Women’s Archimedes Backpack uses non-chafing mesh to avoid abrasion and other unwanted circumstances while doing vigorous activities like long walks, hiking, or trekking.

-For quicker access, Eureka Women’s Archimedes Backpack allows four ways to access the bag’s main compartment. You can access the bag through the toploas, the lower part, or through the either side zippers.

-Inside the main compartment of Eureka Women’s Archimedes Backpack, there is a shelf divider that allows the user to have two storage compartments for easier packing and for separation of things. But of course, you can also choose to not use the divider and just use the main compartment as one whole instead.

-Eureka Women’s Archimedes Backpack also has dual side compression straps to make sure that the bag is completely controlled by your movement. Meaning, the bag must follow your movement and not direct your lead.

-The oversized side sleeve pockets of Eureka Women’s Archimedes Backpack makes it a good storage for constantly accessed stuff like hydration or other accessories.

-The attached raincover will make sure that your things are dry all throughout your trip and and that your bag will not easily get deteriorated by the rain or by the weather in general.

-Eureka Women’s Archimedes Backpack also has large and deep pockets on the sides for easy access to your things. It also adds up to the storage to help you pack your things easily.

Eureka! Women's Archimedes LT Backpack (62+8 Litre) - Phantom/Sea Grass/Dark Grey/Black

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Eureka! Women’s Archimedes LT Backpack (62+8 Litre) – Phantom/Sea Grass/Dark Grey/Black by Eureka

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