Do you want to learn how to surf?

Right on dude!

Having been surfing before I should be pretty good at it by now, right? Wrong.
Spot X is the name, surfing is the game. MojoSurf (also based in Byron Bay and Sydney) run an awesome surf camp out of Arrawarra beach. If you want to learn to surf in Australia this is the place to do it.

They guarantee you that you will be able to stand up by the end of the lesson. I wasn’t worried though, I had done this before. Should be a piece of cake!

Three hour surf lesson and I couldn’t get on the board. On reflection I can attribute this to two reasons. The first being that my knee was playing up and putting weight on caused a sharp pain, the second reason being that beautiful women in wet suits are a little distracting.

Nevertheless, I still had a good time floating around on the board attempting to look seriously involved. To be honest it was just nice lolling around in the waves.

If you haven’t already, give surfing a try. The surf is pretty good in Byron Bay so look into it there. Also shop around; there are heaps of surf schools offering all sorts of packages from half day lessons to week packages.

Good luck.

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