Deuter Traveller 55+10 70+10 and 80+10 Backpack Review

After graduating my secondary education about 3 years ago, I decided to go along with my two brothers and experience the thrill of hiking and trekking; Something they’ve been experiencing for a long time already. I stopped studying for 1 year and dedicated my time to working and hiking. That may sound crazy but it’s worth it; and stepping into college life, I already have so many things to share.

That includes my success moments when finally after a long search, I was able to purchase the rucksack my brothers and I are eyeing on. This is the Deuter Traveller. It has been with me for about 2 years now and although I don’t travel as often as I used to, this rucksack still never fails me.

Deuter Traveller 55+10 70+10 and 80+10 Backpack Review


What makes it special?

What I love the most about the Deuter Traveller is the fact that it doesn’t look to bulky unlike other trekking and hiking packs. That is despite its weight of around 7 pounds. It is basically made from a combination of Deuter-Duratex and Deuter-MacroLite 420 hence; you can ensure that it will last long. It also features an X-Frame construction making it extra sturdy.

It has a detachable daypack that’s amazingly spacious. I can fit my Mac lappy in it and still have enough space for other stuffs. It has its own side pockets where you can place loose change or perhaps a small flashlight. The mini-me acquires zippered outside pockets just in case you’re worried about the safety of your belongings.

More about the system

The main reason why we wanted this bag is because of its back system. My brothers and I are just big fans of high quality rucksacks and suspension systems. With Deuter Traveller, we can take advantage of its breathable foam back and padded hip belt. It also possesses a Variquick adjustment system that allows you to adjust the shoulder harness. The sternum straps will help you keep your balance especially on rough terrains.

It’s also worth commanding the high quality hydration system of Deuter Traveller that perfectly matches extreme adventurers like me. The rucksack is equipped with wet pocket that separates your wet clothes from the dry ones, and valuable pockets that are easy to access and spacious enough.

The volume

With 55+10, 70+10 and 80+10 on the name, you can assume that this bag has an expandable volume. Yes it has and all Deuter Traveller rucksacks are versatile enough to deal with such expansion; unlike other backpacks that messes up a bit when the excess volume area is occupied. It also acquires bottom compartment for your sleeping stuffs.

If you’re concerned about the size, specifically the height since most backpacks with these volumes often look tall, worry no more because it has a dimension of 29X15x11 inches. This is mainly for the Deuter Traveller 70+10 and you can expect that the rest from this series also have likable sizes.

Where it can be improved

I just think Deuter Traveller is missing some slits – you know, for the gears and extra attachments. A couple of slits and loops will be very useful regardless of what kind of adventure you’e into thus, this is one drawback only resourcefulness and creativity can fix.

Product variations

Deuter Traveller 55+10
Deuter Traveller 70+10
Deuter Traveller 80+10

Deuter Aircontact PRO 70 + 15
Deuter ACT Lite 65+10

Overall review

Nonetheless, I can still say that saving $280 – $300  for Deteur Traveller is worth it. The comfort, the remarkable features and trademark specifications – all these can turn your entire journey into a better one. Hence, if you’re planning to purchase a travel backpack soon, the Deuter Traveller shouldn’t be missed.


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