Deuter Quantum 55+10 and 70+10 Backpack Review

After a long search for the best backpack (and take note, I already have bought 3 rucksacks and none of them fit my needs), I found the perfect one that I can bring anywhere – literally. I often travel from country to country regardless of the weather, regardless if I do or don’t have company, and it’s very important that I have one backpack that can deal with such a flexible lifestyle I have.

Luckily, I bumped onto the Deuter Quantum series. After checking the sizes and specs carefully, I knew it was the one. I opted for the 55+10 because I’m not really a tall woman. But of course, you cannot uncover everything from the first time you see it; so here I am, making a review just after the first time I used it on a major travel journey.

Deuter Quantum 55+10 and 70+10 Backpack Review


The highlights

I have seen various shoulder harness designs, not to mentioned have used some of them as well, but I consider the Variquick adjustable shoulder harness of Deuter Quantum as the best. It simply fits me perfectly and the fact that you can adjust it easily, now that’s something I really treasure. I also love the fact that the bag doesn’t weigh too much. As mentioned, I’m not a big girl but I love to bring lots of stuffs. I often bring loads of excess clothes when travelling and a couple of gadgets as well. It’s a great help the backpack itself doesn’t weigh too much; we’re talking on 6.6 pounds dimension here, people.

What’s important?

Because this is designed as an all-around travel backpack, you can expect that it acquires the most important features. Whether or not you’re an avid traveler, you’ll surely find it useful that the Deuter Quantum has a matching rain cover. It also acquires all essential pockets such as the side pocket for water bottles. It also has a bottom compartment where you can easily pack in your used clothes or your sleeping bag.

The dual access to the main compartment is another factor I value the most. Although this is not a new feature anymore, this is something quite vital. Not all rucksack access designs are as effective as this one.

The daypack

Yes, you read that right. The Deuter Quantum also acquires a detachable AND expandable daypack that you can easily clip on to the main compartment. It has enough zippers and pockets for easy access. Such design is perfect for travel documents like passports and tickets. You can also pack in other important items like gadgets and GPS. In my case, I specifically use the daypack to carry all my documentation items like tablet, a small digital camera and a separate camcorder.

Where it can be improved

I just noticed that the zippers don’t look as sturdy as expected. I mean, the bag’s overall design looks firm and strong as if it will last forever, but the zippers don’t appear the same. It would be great if you will bring pins all the time; just in case things would go wrong. Apart from this, everything about the bag is perfect.

Product variations

Deuter Quantum 55+10
Deuter Quantum 70+10

Deuter ACT Lite 65+10
Deuter Futura Vario 50+10
Deuter Aircontact 55+10

What consumers say

review-1 review-2

Bottom line

And for the final verdict, the Deuter Quantum is worth the investment. Yes, it’s not perfect, but the flaws are pretty easy to handle. It’s just difficult to say no to the other positive features and specifications. Whether you’re first-time traveler or not, saving up $220-$450 for this rucksack is indeed a wise step.


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