Deuter Aircontact 65+10 and 75+10 Backpack Review

Last month was the best month of my life! I was able to fulfill my ultimate dream of visiting Cambodia. It may be an ordinary and small-time country for many, but for extreme travelers like me, who has great interest on culture and history, Cambodia is next to heaven. The sad part though is that my whole journey was not as perfect as expected. I have to climb a couple of temples uncomfortably because of my inappropriate backpack. Taking photos was also not that easy because I can’t grab my DSLR, one time.

So here I am, making a review of the greatest rucksack I found after that “mild epic fail” journey. I’m talking about the Deuter Aircontact, the 65+10 specifically. I rushed to the mall right after my visit to Cambodia and when I saw this rucksack I just said “you should be the one who climbed with me to those temples!”

Deuter Aircontact

Product features

Unique and very useful

When I saw the Deteur Aircontact, I simply fell in love with its Aircontact back system and Variquick adjustable shoulder harness. The Aircontact back system claims to reduce perspiration by up to 15% because it is made from special materials that enable air to flow through your back. After using my Deuter Aircontact for the first time, I was greatly amazed that such system actually works!

The Variquick adjustable shoulder harness is also of great help in assisting the main task of the Aircontact back system. With it, I can easily make changes on the shoulder harness – from 16-21 inches – which results to a better and more comfortable carriage. The bag also acquires an X-Frame aluminum suspension.

The detailed parts

Now let’s start discussing a more detailed aspect of this rucksack. Apart from the two major parts, I also love how the bag is carefully designed and tailored. The cuts are all clean and the design, as what I have observed in most Deteur backpacks, is simply useful for every traveler. The VariFlex hipbelt is equipped with pull forward straps and the front panel features a U-shaped opening for easier packing.

The Deuter Aircontact also has two separate compartments below. It has an enclosed bottom compartment where you can slip in your dirty clothes (of course you don’t want them to mix with your clean and unused clothing), and bottom compression straps that you can use to carrying sleeping bags.

There’s more

Oh yes, the Deuter Aircontact has more to offer than what most people think. Let’s begin with the multiple access points that are of great help especially if you’re into travelling the wild. There are lots of gears you need easy access to because you don’t know what’s in stored for you. With this rucksack, almost everything are at ease. It’s also hydration compatible, which means you don’t have to stop simply to find the nearest and cleanest river, just in case your water bottle’s already empty.

Unlike other rucksacks, the Deuter Aircontact also has its own raincoat – something I never thought would be very useful; and enough outside pockets and straps to keep everything intact.

Where it can be improved

No matter how perfect it sounds, Deuter Aircontact still has a couple of points than can be improved. I just wish it has a detachable daypack and a reservoir. A top detachable lid will also be helpful.

Product variations

Deuter Aircontact 65+10
Deuter Aircontact 75+10

Deuter Quantum 70+10
Aircontact PRO 65+15
Futura Vario 50+10



Last say

And for the final words, I can say the Deuter Aircontact is worth the buy. With a highly affordable price of around $250-$300, there’s just enough reason to save up for a rucksack that acquires such remarkable features.


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