Colossal Cape Verde

During my gap year, I spent a few island hopping days on a trip to the archipelago of Cape Verde, which lies just off Western Africa, near Senagal. Even now, I have still to come to grips with the actual meaning of an archipelago! Here is the low down of my top 5 attractions:

Mindelo, São Vicente

France has the Riviera, Italy has Venice and Cape Verde has Mindelo, the second city of the island group and my first location. With a sizzling nightlife beside the beautiful port every evening, Mindelo provided the perfect start to any holiday. Shop around and hotels can come as cheap as $42 per night, such as the Residencial Beleza where I stayed.

Praia, Santiago

The capital city which holds the day to Mindelo’s night. Whilst Mindelo offers a cold drink beside the sea, Praia offers the endless beaches and smooth tropical sand to entice any tourist. Even I, as a chronic sun-burner found it difficult to get myself to leave at an appropriate point and my lobster skin was a small price to pay for it.

Fogo National Park, Fogo

Who can come to a volcanic island group without visiting the local star? This active but quiet volcano sets the backdrop for vast national parks and a whole variety of tours, package deals or free DIY trail walking across the entire island.

The Blue Eye, Sal

Against my better judgment, I am occasionally coerced into more adventurous activities than walking and I was told that the Blue Eye provided three of the best. The volcanic lagoons and tunnels of this area can be seen either in organised scuba diving groups, as I did, or by walking the tracks across the surface, as I did as well. With only hiring the equipment to pay for, this free and spectacular attraction is perfect for the adventurous backpacker.

Blu Bar, Santa Maria, Sal

Not really an attraction but this bar has to feature in my article. With all the functions and aesthetics of any other high end bar, and with slashed prices, I’d be forgiven for forgetting where I truly was, until the culture arrived. Both evenings I visited there was a huge selection of musicians, each performing for 20 minutes, encompassing all varieties and spices of the island group into one fun filled night.

My destination Cape Verde provided all the aspects of a brilliant tropical holiday, with a relatively temperate African climate and a wide range of attractions. Be aware that many locals prefer French to English and that hot water is temperamental across the islands, but for such a location such problems are small fish in the sea, especially such stunning seas as these.

Author Bio: Matilda Lambert

Matilda Lambert is an English university student who is lucky enough to travel the world with many unusual adventures. Though often seen on long-haul flights, her true love is for Scandinavia and hopes to move there after her studies.

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