Coleman Waterfall Five Man Tent Review

As a part of our group reunion, my colleagues and I decided to turn back time when we’re still in college and we would travel from one city to another, just for fun. After all, being a family man is not a hindrance to enjoy manhood once in a while. The trip was polished and all schedules jived, the only thing we need is a tent large enough for the five of us. Apparently, sharing one huge tent is way better than each of bring a single sleeping equipment. The best choice was Coleman Waterfall five man tent. It has all the features we need and it’s amazingly larger than expected!

Product features

Unique and useful design

The Coleman Waterfall five man tent is basically inspired by a combination of tunnel and dome construction. We thought the dome was not an ideal design since it really looks small outside, but this tent proved us wrong. Plus, since this is made with tunnel construction, room division is not as difficult as how we thought. This product also has two doors, which comes very useful on unpredictable weather. It’s also proven effective, tough tent against strong wind and rain. With a total weight of 12.8kg, this is indeed, a good purchase.

I would also want to highlight the fact that this Coleman tent is quite easy to set up. Its poles are basically made of fiberglass, a material known to be extra sturdy. It also comes with 1 set of awning poles. Overall, we didn’t experience any “where should this and where should that go” scenarios.

More on material

Now onto the material of the Coleman Waterfall five man tent. Aside from the fiberglass poles, this tent also brags about its breathable material for inner tent. Specifically, it’s a breathable type of polyester mesh that spares you from bugs and no-see-ums that might want to visit at night. The PE groundsheet is fully integrated and welded for quality assurance. Polyester is also the material used for the flysheet. It is 2,000 mm PU coated to ensure that it’s sturdy enough for outdoor trips. Furthermore, such layer also has taped seams.

Coleman Waterfall five man tent comes with its own carry bag which sizes at about 71x26x26 cm. Now this is a great help especially if you’re conscious with packing or if you don’t have enough space in your rucksack. Lastly, its rod system is at the standard 4 bends with 11mm diameter. There are also 2 steel rods for sunroof. Easy set up and fire retardant, now that’s more than what’s needed!

Where it can be improved

If there’s one thing I’m concerned about this product, it would be about the pegs. Apparently, we later noticed that the pegs supplied are not as strong and efficient as the entire tent itself. This can be a big problem especially if you’re in a windy place. I also wish I could easily hang a lantern inside. This may be a small issue but if you’re travelling with kids who are afraid of the dark, a lantern would be useful.

Product variations

Coleman Galileo 5
Coleman Lakeside 6 Deluxe
Coleman Trailblazer 5 Plus


review-1 review-2

Overall view

Above all, the Coleman Waterfall five man tents is something worth the investment. With a retail price of £175-£180, this is already a great bargain as it has a long list of advantages and positive qualities. The tent was pretty efficient the first time we used it and since then, Coleman became the brand of the gang and this tent continues to serve as our sleeping equipment. Such a money-saver!


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