New Zealand is a regular stop off for those on their Gap Year or doing a round the world trip. Roughly the same size as the UK, there is a lot to see and do in New Zealand. Getting around is possibly one of the...

If you're on a Gap Year you should do your very best to time your arrival in New Zealand with the ski season. Skiing looks great but let's be honest, Snowboarding looks so much cooler! I've never being Skiing or Snowboarding before and was very keen on trying. Treble Cone invited me along to sample lessons and see how awesome they could make me in three days.
The Franz Josef Glacier Hike is rated one of the top activities to do in New Zealand. Franz Josef Glacier Guides invited me along to see what the fuss was about!
Ah the mighty Fergburger. Just thinking about it makes me feel hungry. What epic culinary experience could catch the hearts, minds and stomachs of thousands of tourists that flock to Queenstown, New Zealand? Weren't you paying attention? Fergburger!!!
I've had a lot of messages and e-mails asking me how I am and what my travel plans are. As much as I love repeating myself I thought it would be best to post an update.