A visit to Egypt is never complete without a cruise down the meandering Nile River. It is the best way to see the magnificent historical treasures of Egypt, comfortably and in the luxurious style of these beautiful cruise ships. As you glide down the Nile, there will be cruise boats of all shapes and sizes all around you, and you will realise that not only is cruising the best way to see Egypt, it is also the most popular way of visiting all the monuments, without having to check-in and check-out every day from various hotels.
What do you look for in a travel destination? Good food, warm sand, blue seas? If you're a kiteboarder, you're mainly in search of something other travellers go out of their way to avoid: high winds. Gales? Fantastic. Cold air roaring up from the Antarctic? Bring it on. The great thing about kiteboarding is that it sends you to places you might not have considered otherwise – because who in their right mind would go somewhere windy?
With last minute holiday planning, comes the opportunity for many bargains and deals on travel costs and there will generally be low cost direct flights and many deals on hotels and accommodations for certain destinations. There are many online sites that let you compare prices of different airlines and hotels offering you the best prices and deals. There are also other resources to use while planning your last minute holiday; private sale sites like Voyage Privé in the UK and Europe or Vactionist in the USA send you discounts if you become a subscriber. There is a wide range of prices to fit every traveller's budget. If you plan to book a last minute holiday, it is best to be flexible about your destination and travel accommodations and be open to the best deals for your getaway. Here is a listing of some top destination pots that frequently have deals and discounts for the last minute traveller.