Berghaus Women’s Explorer Trail Light Hiking Boot Review

Not everybody wants to be like big-time celebs, owning more than thousand pairs of shoes.  Some of us are wise spenders and limit our expense to good buy and maintain only few numbers on specific items such as shoes.  You know that you are spending money wisely if you can wear or use an item on different occasioss and situations.  It is not always wise when we have plenty of the same items as it is quite tiresome to arrange, clean, and put them in order.  Consumers always welcome products which can be used for different weather, terrain, and circumstance such as Berghaus Women’s Explorer Trail Light Hiking Boot.

Berghaus Women's Explorer Trail Light Hiking Boot


More than the basics

You can wear this footwear on different types of terrain; going downhill, uphill, or with plain surface.  This characteristic is attributed to Gore-Tex fabric, which is water resistant and lightweight. It helps maintain normal temperature to your feet thus, it won’t get cold and stay dry always because it invites air inside and keep your feet water-less. It provides superior comfort due to injected Polyurethane mid-soles molded with grinders and Plantar-Plate.  Total support from your feet all the way up to your body is more relaxed and you avoid undue injuries. It secures correct position with your two feet while on the go; walking, hiking, or some few running steps.

Looks that go a long way

When you look at Berghaus Women’s Explorer Trail Light Hiking Boot, you get an impression that it is heavy and presumed to be uncomfortable to wear.  This is not the case.  Because it is made of light and strong materials, it can survive longer than you think even if used in scaling heights, drenched in water frequently, and prolong use.  Trust that you survive wearing it without cramps, blisters, and pain in your inside or outside sole.  Tackling rough grounds is no longer an issue when you wear this product.


I tested Berghaus Women’s Explorer Trail Light Hiking Boot by using it frequently whether performing my morning fitness regimen, walking the dog, camping and trekking with my friends.  True to its claim, it is really sturdy and very comfortable for my feet.  The materials used in the boot were really helpful in keeping my feet always dry while wearing it.  Do you know the advantage when your feet are always dry?  It won’t produce foul smell.

Weighing only more than a kilo, you can easily maneuver your way regardless of where you will use it.  You do not need to put additional pressure in order to lift your foot or stomp in the ground.  It is has latch and lace, additional support and comfort is always at hand.

Point to consider

Just one thing to have in mind prior to purchasing this item, be sure to check your size properly and match it carefully to the size lists of Berghaus. I had a negative experience with this as I purchased the usual size of my shoes but ended up with a bigger on, labelled the same size I ordered. I assume all shoes sizes from this brand are bigger than the usual measurement.

Product variations

Berghaus Explorer Trek Hiking Boot
Berghaus Prognosis Gore-Tex Hiking Shoe
Berghaus Exterra Light Gore-Tex Hiking Boot


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Final word

At an average price of £70.00, many people continue to question such rate. However, Berghaus Women’s Explorer Trail Light Hiking Boot saves you from buying additional shoes for you to wear appropriate to other and different terrain and situation. It gives an excellent grip to your feet thus you do not have additional expense taking care of foot damage while wearing the product.



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