Berghaus Verden Review

Travelling is always easier if you have your comfy backpack on. No I am not anti body bags or shoulder bags, it’s just that backpacks offer a different kind of comfort and security. This is why I research for backpacks online to find the best ones and then share their details with you. This time let me discuss to you one good backpack I stumbled upon Amazon, the Berghaus Verden 65+10 Rucksack. As I was trying to finish my list of good backpacks, I noticed that Berghaus backpacks have nothing but good reviews. Berghaus Verden for instance, it has an astounding 5 stars rating from reviewers of Amazon. I got interested and started to list down its pros. Here let me share them to you:

Berghaus Verden 65+10 Rucksack


If you are concerned about how much space a backpack can provide, Berghaus Verden is one backpack that can assure a roomy main compartment. You don’t have to bring multiple bags, this one alone can be enough to carry your most important things. This is perfect for rushed travel and on-the-spot packing. By the way, the main compartment is accessible from the front.

When it comes to the cost, Berghaus Verden can be more costly than the average rucksacks. But it is definitely more affordable than other backpacks that offer the same quality and features. It actually keeps up to the expectation of the people since Berghaus has always been one of the best rucksack manufacturers.

Furthermore with Berghaus Verden’s features, it includes a lot of straps. Others even say that its straps are more than enough. The straps included are the top tension straps, cynch straps on hip belt, the side compressions straps, and the base compression straps. This assures great security and tightness. You can also find a lot of exterior compartments for your small belongings. And although Berghaus Verden is light in weight, it is also durable.

Berghaus Verden also includes a rain cover so your bag and things are safe from getting wet no matter what you get yourself into while travelling, hiking, or trekking.

To ensure the stability and comfort of Berghaus Verden while worn, Berghaus Verden has a curved cummerbund. And for sanitation and ease of use, you can divide its main compartment into two parts. It means that you can put all your clothes in one area and your accessories in the other. You can also segregate your clean things from your dirty belongings. Furthermore, Berghaus Verden has zipped front pockets and two big mesh side pockets where you can put stuffs that you want to access easily.

Berghaus Verden’s BioFit system allows you to have the backpack adapted to your body to make sure you use your backpack in comfort. It can be adjusted for different people with different sizes quite easily.

Berghaus Verden 65+10 Rucksack

If you worry about how Berghaus Verden looks like physically, you don’t really have to worry so much because according to the reviews that I have read, Berghaus Verden is very stylish. The style is very modern and trendy, and you can choose from different colours too.

Product variations

You can choose from different variations of Berghaus Verden. For men, you can have the Berghaus Verden 65+10 or the Berghaus Verden 45+8 rucksacks. For women you can choose between the Berghaus Verden 60+10 rucksack and the Berghaus Verden 70lt backpack.

Berghaus Verden gets the Gap Year Escape seal of approval.

Berghaus Verden Review
Berghaus Verden gets the Gap Year Escape seal of approval. Great for long term travellers and backpackers.
Written by: Amar Hussain
Berghaus Verden
Date published: 03/02/2012
5 / 5 stars
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