Berghaus Torridon Review

In my quest to provide useful reviews about travel backpacks, I have come across one great rucksack on Amazon. Berghaus Torridon has fantastic feedback and is a widely bought backpack on Amazon. Both Berghaus Torridon for women and Berghaus Torridon for men are rated highly and I’ve been trusting the Berghaus brand for years.. Here’s our top reasons why the Berghaus Torridon is a great backpack.

Berghaus Torridon 65 Men's Backpack



With all Berghaus backpacks the Berghaus Torridon is very comfortable to carry. Considering you’ll be living out of a backpack and it’ll be heavy to carry, comfort would be one of the first factors to consider. The Berghaus Torridon has a hip harness and adjustable chest straps for added security and comfort when trekking. So you are not just secured that your backpack is tightly carried, you are also comfortable since your backpack is travelling in the same direction as you do.The Berghaus Torridon will be able to meet your expectations in comfort as it is a high quality rucksacks.


When it comes to how much space Berghaus Torridon has to offer, it is actually very spacious. It has a capacity of 65lt for Berghaus Torridon Men and 60lt for Berghaus Torridon Women. As long as you don’t exaggerate your expectations, you will be able fit in everything you need. Trust me you’ll be surprised how little you actually need to travel with.


Women love the Berghaus Torridon because it is sized just right for ladies to carry. Plus, the backpack itself is lightweight. Its weighs only 1.73 kg which is great.


Even though Berghaus Torridon is lightweight, you are rest assured that it is very durable. My Berghaus backpack has survived all sorts and still going strong.

Ease of use

Well it has a few pockets that are zipped so you can be sure that your smaller items don’t mix with the main compartment. The outside pockets of Berghaus Torridon are actually very accessible even while you are on the run. You can put things that you constantly need in these pockets and just reach for them anytime.

Added features

It includes a waterproof cover so your things inside the bag are safe from the rain. It is also designed in a way that there is a good airflow between the bag and your back. This is especially handy in places like Asia and South America. The comfort level of the Berghaus Torridon is highly recommended by its users because of its design that avoids shoulder pain.


Despite its very high quality, Berghaus Torridon is reasonably priced. Backpackers looking for a sturdy, comfortable, secured, and spacious backpack and they found it in the Berghaus Torridon. Berghaus is a pretty popular choice if you want something worth buying that will last.

Berghaus Torridon 60 Women's Backpack

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Berghaus Torridon 60 Women’s Backpack

Berghaus Torridon 65 Men’s Backpack

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Berghaus Torridon Review
The Bergaus Torridon gets the Gap Year Escape seal of approval.
Written by: Amar Hussain
Berghaus Torridon
Date published: 03/01/2012
5 / 5 stars
  • alan day
    Posted at 13:50h, 07 August

    I have been fell walking for years and use a torridon 65 black it’s never let me down once. It’s very tough and takes alot of crap. I bought a red one also but still haven’t used it as the black one is still going very strong

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