Berghaus Snowline Unisex Gaiter Review

Having travelling as a hobby is never easy. It requires extra energy and extra money. However, it isn’t all bad when it is your passion. If you are new to the “hobby”, one thing you’ve got to know is that buying quality and appropriate gears and accessories is necessary in order to avoid hassle. From rucksacks to shoes, you have to choose the best ones. One brand that has proven their credibility in this industry is the Berghaus. One product of them that I recommend is the Berghaus Snowline Unisex Gaiter.


Berghaus Snowline Gaiters are all purpose and water resistant. It is perfectly designed to protect your lower legs downwards to make sure that snow, rain, or mud doesn’t enter your shoes. However, it is also made to be breathable to make sure that you are also comfortable while wearing this gear of protection. It is definitely a very important tool to any travel and walkathon trips in jungles. Like all Berghaus outdoor products, it is made to be durable no matter what the weather condition is.

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Berghaus Snowline Unisex Gaiter

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By: jock on the hills

“Looking for gaiters for a while now {last ones could not cope with 5 Munros and 1 top in one day} so with outdoor gear sometimes dearer than a 2nd hand car, these were a bargin at this price.Done scrambling with both hands and feet trying to get up imppossible routes ,they do not move ,let wee stones in that seem to feel like boulders,keep you dry ,also keeps you dry for any sneaky bogs that look like small puddles then your up to yer knees in in sludge ,kept me dry when walked thru a small river .And finally good for wearing when out with mutt on the moors/ fields. And really,really finally the speed of delivery time even han solo does not go that fast wow”

By: nu

“these gaiters are great,i have yet to wear them outdoors. Only small let down is that they are not as fitted as shown on the picture but hey, if they do the job and keep me dry im not complaining!”

Final thoughts

Accessories may just be accessories, things you can actually live without. But in a traveller’s life, every accessory he/she can get is really important. If you spend a lot of time outdoors walking, you have to get all the tools that you can get that will make your travel more comfortable because clearly there are a lot of things that can give you hassle while you are away from home. As to the walking part in travelling, wearing the Berghaus Snowline Gaiter is something I really recommend. This will not only ensure you of clean feet while travelling, it will also make your walking more comfortable. Check it out on Amazon for more info.

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