Berghaus Skyline Jacket Review

Travelling requires so much effort and preparation. However, all the sweats and motions are all worth the experience. One big part of travel preparation is being equipped with the right gears and accessories. You must get yourself a set of travelling stuff to make sure that no hassle comes your way. From bags to shoes, you must really make sure that all your things are suitable for travel. One great product I can recommend to you is the Berghaus Skyline Jacket.

Product Features

  • Lightweight
  • Packable
  • Waterproof, Windproof And Breathable Jacket
  • Full Length Storm Flap
  • Adjustable Cuffs And Hem
  • AQ Waterproof Technology

Berghaus Clothing Products

Berghaus Skyline Jacket Women’s  Berghaus Skyline Jacket Men’s Berghaus Skyline Vision Women’s Waterproof Walking Jacket

Customer Reviews

Zsuzsanna Andersen “Zs” says: “Usually I buy EU 42 size clothes, this size 14 fits perfectly, I can have a cardigan under it. Very nicely made and good quality material. A little bit short, but when bicycling is perfect. Keeps your body nice and dry in the rain without sweating in it.” Danny Papandreou says: “Not much to say absolutely superb Berghaus ‘WaterProof’ and ‘Breathable’ quality. At an excellent price! Leaves all other cheaper products standing and looking VERY expensive for inferior performance.”

Final Thoughts on Berghaus Skyline Jacket

Berghaus Skyline Jacket is one of the jackets or piece of clothing you must have if you seek comfort and convenience. It is designed with great ventilation panels to ensure that you are comfortable in whatever situation. It also has core ventilation zips to make sure that temperature is managed well. Berghaus Skyline is waterproof and breathable and it also has a hood. As a whole, this jacket is definitely one of the best. Berghaus is well known for manufacturing travel gear and equipment. In fact, Berghaus has a reputation of making quality and durable products meant for outdoors and travelling, which is why I believe that recommending their product is really easy. To know more about this product, please see Amazon.

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