Berghaus Shadow Jacket Review

There are so many weatherproof jackets offered and advertised, promoting protection from the wind and cold. However Berghaus has created a jacket that tops it all off; the Berghaus Shadow Jacket. This is a type of jacket that is not only waterproof and comfortable, but also has a detachable inner jacket with fleece lining keeping you warm and cozy. The Shadow jacket is made of materials that is breathable but at the same time durable. It comes into two styles the 4 in 1 Shadow jacket and the 3 in 1 Shadow jacket. Here’s a run-thru of what this product has to offer.


  • Roll-able, detachable hood (outer)
  • Side pockets for keeping hands warm (outer)
  • Aquafoil technology for waterproofing (outer)
  • Adjustable cuffs (outer)
  • Reversible inner jacket ( 4 in 1 Shadow Jacket)
  • With insulated polyester lining (inner)
  • Inner pocket for personal belongings (inner)
  • With spectrum fleece inner lining (inner)

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Customer Review

Other customer reviews

C. Renowden says:

“They may be more than some brands but you certainly get what you pay for. Quality is great and there are four different ways of using the jacket or internal windproof fleece, very versatile and warm, this style never goes out of fashion. I would recommend to others for sure :)”

Sajjio says:

“Bought this for a relative as he works out in the cold. he loves the jacket and will not go out in winter without it!”

Helen says:

“Bought this for my husband for winter. Despite being quite light in weight, it’s cosy and warm to wear. The shape is flattering and it looks casual but smart.”

Final Thoughts on Berghaus Shadow

This flexible jacket has an inner jacket that can be easily zip attached, you basically get two jackets! The outer lining to keep you dry and the outer lining serves to keep you warm and comfortable. It also has a hydrophilic moisture transport technology permitting moisture to escape. The Berghaus 4 in 1 Shadow Jacket gives you a reversible inner jacket as well. A great value for your money! This is an ideal jacket for autumn and winter; comfortable, breathable and windproof. The Berghaus Shadow Jacket gives you your money’s worth by offering you stylish, durable, adaptable, not just one but, two jackets. Here is an Amazon link you might find useful to get more information on Berghaus Shadow Jacket.

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