Berghaus Optimus Review

Trolley luggage has come a long way over the years. Before, you have to place your bags in a separate trolley to easily pull your baggage around. Now, there are trolley bags everywhere that makes it easy for you to transfer your bag from one place to another. If there is one brand that I can suggest to you when it comes to trusted luggage, I would say it would be Berghaus. Berghaus is a well known and well loved brand of bag that surely maintains its reputation and quality. Their trolley bag Berghaus Optimus is definitely one of the trolley bags that you should consider.


-        Designed with durable wheels and extendable handle

-        Shoulder straps are adjustable which can be zipped and hidden

-        Has internal zipped pockets and two external pockets

-        Has top and side carry handles

-        Has retractable pull handle

-        Has compression straps

-        The bag has a separator on the inside

Berghaus Products:

Berghaus Optimus 40 Trolley Suitcase

Berghaus Twentyfourseven Backpack – 25 lt

Berghaus Twentyfourseven Backpack – 20 lt 

Customer reviews:

Other reviews:

Buggy says:

“This is a great bag in my view. Haven’t had it long so unsure about durability over time but it exudes German design and engineering standards and feels like an excellent product. I discovered it when milling through rush hour traffic at Waterloo and saw a man with one. Overcome with a case of “luggage envy” I noted the manufacturer and did an Amazon search immediately. Zippers are nice and strong.I have a lot of confidence it won’t rip or become unusable. The pull-out handle, which seems to me often flimsy on suitcases, is sturdy, and I feel lucky to have it. Seems to be a good size for carry on on a plane as well.”

Scapa Flow says:

“I bought this case and am really pleased. I read a review that it does not fit the regulation size for the low cost airlines. I have taken it to an airport and can confirm that it does in what appeared to be the smallest! Really good quality.”

Final Thoughts on Berghaus Optimus

The amazing part about Berghaus bags is their internal separator. It makes it easy for you to separate clean stuff from dirty ones. With Berghaus Optimus trolley, you can enjoy the comfort and ease of a wheeled bag while making use of Berghaus bags’ amazing features. If you want to know more about Berghaus Optimus, see Amazon.

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