Berghaus Jalan Review

After travelling for two weeks in Japan I had my packing routine perfected. Dirty clothes at the bottom and toiletries at the top. If I ever found myself staying for more than a few days in a hostel then the rucksack would be emptied on the floor. Excellent for quick access.

My Berghaus Jalan has been my backpack of choice for my past 12 months of travel. The rucksack has accompanied me to America, the Middle East and Japan. Each destination has had a different set of requirements. To Japan I took a lot of trekking gear, to America I left lots of space for new clothes and to the Middle East it was shorts, t-shirts and memorabilia. Needless to say, I’ve had plenty of experience with the Berghaus Jalan Backpack to write this review.

Jalan 70+15 Travel Bag


60+15L capacity backpack

With a 60 litre capacity and a 15 litre daypack attached, the Berghaus Jalan is suited to long term travel. What does that capacity translate into? At a push I can fit my 18 year old sister in there. Much to her (muffled) objections. In more useful real world terms, I managed to fit two pairs of trousers, a pair of waterproof trousers, 4 warm tops, 8 t-shirts, 1 “nice” shirt, 2 pairs of shorts, swimming shorts, trekking boots, travel towel, mountains of underwear and socks (I hate washing). At the end I still had room for a couple of books and a large laptop. Although, I elected to take these in a separate day pack.

The Berghaus Jalan is a bag for those who are careful with what they take on their travels but still want to throw in a couple of extra tops to avoid washing and have some variety in their limited wardrobe. Unfortunately, it won’t leave much extra space for memorabilia. For that you need to shoot for 80L+ capacity.

Access to your smelly clothes

No-one enjoys digging in their bag for ages looking for that final pair of fresh socks. Bags that unzip in a similar fashion to a suitcase offer much faster access. The Berghaus Jalan will unzip to around 3/5ths of the way down. This is great for quick access and also means the contents stored in the internal zipped pocket are easily accessible.

For those travelling to less safe destinations it would be hard for someone to quickly unzip your Berghaus Jalan when all the clips are secured. However, they could still get to the daypack when attached to your back and I doubt you could feel it happen. Valuables should therefore be kept in the main pack.

Comfortable carrying even on a hangover

If a bag can remain comfortable after a night of drinking sake, screaming into a karaoke machine followed by two hours of sleep and an epic journey to the airport then it’s worth spending more on. Unfortunately, the bag won’t do much to alleviate your hangover but when properly adjusted, it is very comfortable to carry.

The bag allows you to adjust all manners of straps including the position of the upper back rest. With some careful setting up and experimenting, you should be able to get it near to perfect.

3 extra features that get the two thumbs up

There are three extra features that really add extra points to my review of the Berghaus Jalan bag. The first is the hidden pocket at the bottom of the main bag. This is perfect for storing small valuables such as a passport and some money.

The second is the cover than unwraps to zip away all the carrying straps. This is perfect when packing the Jalan ready to go on a plane.

Finally, the internal bag which can be used as a laundry bag or for storing small items you don’t want to get wet, is a great addition.

One thing that is missing

Unfortunately, the Berghaus Jalan doesn’t come with a rain cover. However, the material is water resistant and therefore I’ve not felt the necessity to buy an extra cover to date.

Jalan 70+15 Travel Bag

Product variations

Jalan 70+15 Travel Bag

Berghaus Men’s Jalan II 60+15 Rucsack – Jet Black/Coal

Berghaus Women’s Jalan II 60+15 Rucsac – Coal/Jet Black

Overall review of the Berghaus Jalan

The Berghaus Jalan is a great bag for short trips or a Gap Year. At approximately £100 it needs to be! You can stuff it to the brim or fill it lightly and it remains comfortable to carry by spreading the weight and keeping air flowing to your back. I combined the pack with an additional day bag and found it perfect for my travels.

The Berghaus Jalan gets the Gap Year Escape seal of approval.

Berghaus Jalan Backpack Review
The Bergaus gets the Gap Year Escape seal of approval. A great backpack for gap years or 3-4 week trips.
Written by: Andreas Kambanis
Berghaus Jalan
Date published: 02/13/2012
4 / 5 stars
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  • diayana
    Posted at 06:32h, 27 May

    Hi. Is this backpack suitable for women?

  • Gap Year Escape
    Posted at 17:38h, 31 May

    Yes they do a women’s version of this backpack!

  • Paolo
    Posted at 19:10h, 16 February

    There is a rain cover. Have a good look in the bottom of the rucksack where the straps are. There is a little pocket with a rain cover in it.

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