Berghaus Durable Nylon Washkit Thunder Review

I am but an avid traveler and one of the common problems frequently encountered was packing the usual hygiene and personal necessities. There were always tendencies to forget these items as my luggage were always tight and had no room to accommodate even a slender toothbrush. So, I went online to check some solution to this problem. I found this product on two of the most popular online selling site; the Berghaus Durable Nylon Washkit Thunder.


Product features


One of the things that ignited my interest was the mesh material of the product. I was delighted because I perceived this feature as very convenient since it gives a see-through ambiance to this wash kit. As such, I can easily see the things that I need such as alcohol right now, liquid soap later, and gel tomorrow night. Upon inspection, I noticed that when you zip down the product, it reveals several compartments. Packing personal items won’t be a problem as there’s more than one pocket and “insides” where you can separate liquid and solid and differentiate the long and short of it.


Berghaus Durable Nylon Washkit Thunder has a length of 11 cm, width at 24 cm, with depth of 12 cm if closed down; it is neither large nor small when you consider the fact that it is just an accessory to pack basic items for travel. But, once you slid down the zip, it can hold as many items as you want to bring during short-term and even long-term travels. The four compartments can be considered a blessing especially if you brought along with you items such as that need to be separated from each other such as vials of different kinds; or if you’re simply an extra-organized person . You can easily put these things into order without having to memorize which compartment you inserted them.


Berghaus Durable Nylon Washkit Thunder has detachable mirror which can serve any vanity circumstances you want to be satisfied such as feeling narcissistic while shaving or refraction device when you want to check yourself inside airplane or any other public transport and see if you still look good before meeting your clients. It weighs just only 266 grams as such it doesn’t pose additional problems on baggage allowances when you travel by air. This item also comes with hooks thus, you can easily hang it in rooms and bathrooms where you need to use all the necessities when you want to do more than shampooing and soaping your body.

Additional protection

When you have small bag to accommodate quite a number of important items for your trips, the effect is that it gives certain compactness. As such, there are no leaks or shifting motions that will allow spills or residues inside Berghaus Durable Nylon Washkit Thunder. As a result, there are no mix up and apply wrong hygiene solutions for different parts of your body.

Where it can be improved

On the flip side, I wish this was not made of really thick material. Although its main purpose is for product stability, I find the whole bag bulky on the outside but not as spacious as expected on the inside.

Product variations

Berghaus Leviathan Canister Wash Bag
Berghaus E-case
Berghaus Map Case


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Final say

At a discounted price of less than £13.00, Berghaus Durable Nylon Washkit Thunder is as good as it gets. It can only serve your purpose relative to its size either you zip it up or close it down. After using the product, I realized that I have to buy one more to store the same items and keep it in different travel bags. The reason is that I do not have to unpack and pack again each time I travel.


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