Berghaus Akka Long Down Jacket Review

It’s cold season once again and I realized that I haven’t purchased a new jacket to protect me from below zero temperatures. Though I still have the one I bought last year, I just felt that I need to own a new one. That led me to sitting in front of my laptop, surfing the web and discovering the Berghaus Women’s Akka Long Down Jacket. It grabbed my interest since it looked good on the image model and my judgement was that it would do the same justice for me.

Apparently, fashion is the middle name of most ladies. So, I ordered one for myself. It didn’t took long before I received my Berghaus Women’s Akka Long Down Jacket and after using it more than 10 times already, I can say it has the quality I was looking for.

Features and Specifications

Body warmer

Just as I suspected, Berghaus Women’s Akka Long Down Jacket fitted me well judging from the appreciative looks I received while traversing different sections of the market. It seemed to appear heavy but once you wear it, you will be surprised how light it is. This can be attributed to the materials used in this product which is polyester on the main body and inside, it is 80 percent duck down and the rest are made of feathers.

The hood was very useful as it comes with an adjustable cord so you can fully cover your head; and fashionable too as it is detachable and you can remove it if you do not want your top fully covered. Now this is a great option to have more room for exposure especially if the cold weather is still bearable for you. As it is more than skirt long; just a little above the knee, it gives additional protection from frigid winds.

More warming compartment

It is a full protection gear when you consider that it has two warming pockets and one inside pocket. It can only mean that you can store personal items inside such as your purse and put your hands in the outside pocket without the discomfort of too many clutters between your hands and in the nitty gritty.

Since it is water resistant, you are confident that there will be no additional chilly moments while wearing the jacket. Berghaus Women’s Akka Long Down Jacket fits all types of women of different sizes as it comes in measurements of 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18; and with regard to colors your choices are black, tropical midnight, and scout grey.

Where it can be improved

One problem that I noticed is when I got home was that I found a small tear at the back. It can only mean polyester is not strong enough. I guess this is one aspect of Berghaus Women’s Akka Long Down Jacket that needs improvement, especially that this is a winter clothing. But aside from that, everything else are fine.

Product variation

Berghaus Jurra Down Jacket
Berghaus Glissade Long Shell Jacket
Berghaus Aumont Down Jacket



Final Verdict

For a price of £95-£155, it was a good purchase, considering the fact that I did not have to buy medicines for cough and colds whenever I go out during cold and winter weather. It comes with all features I need and the comfort level is simply impeccable. Whether you purchased this for a gift or for your own use; no doubt, this is a great investment. Although it’s a pit pricey compared to other similar products, the quality of this Berghaus item will pay off every cent.


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