Aquabourne Sports Hydration Backpack Review

Keeping yourself hydrated while hiking, trekking, or enjoying any outdoor sport at that, is a must. The Aquabourne Sports Hydration Backpack allows you to keep yourself well hydrated while having the time of your life outside. This is a lightweight, backpack like product by Aquaborne; a water bag that allows you to drink while still using your hands, and continue moving without stopping for a drink. Jut slip it behind you like a back pack and you’re good to go.


  • Ultra compact
  • Lightweight (350g) at intended to offer simple access to your water without the unnecessary weight.
  • Holds up to 1.5 liters of fluids
  • Water bag is easily removed or refilled
  • Drinking tube allows maximum use of hand use
  • Ideal for hiking, running, cycling, kayaking or any outdoor sports.
  • Longer, improved quality straps
  • Chest and waist straps to facilitate your every move
  • Zipped pocket for other belongings

Customer review

Other review

By: callum shepherd

“i hesitated after reading some of these awful reviews, but then being a serial runner, there was nobody to compare to, so i bought it and loved it, only reason it would leak is if you don’t screw the valve right into the bladder before use, making sure the rubber washer seals the thread. although the top did leak sometimes, after my first run i purchased some PTFE tape from a diy store for 99p, and threaded this around the thread to give extra seal, and worked perfectly.

cheaper than a camelbak, but worth the price, easy to fix if it does go wrong.


Final thoughts

The Aquabourne Sports Hydration Backpack gives you easy access to our water without adding the unnecessary weight. It’s a durable pack that will keep you hydrated throughout running, hiking or even kayaking. Made from quality materials, you are guaranteed with a long lasting product. If you have a very active lifestyle then it’s something you should consider buying as it may become an indispensible tool for you. Check out Amazon for more info.

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