Affordable sights in Croatia

Traveling on a budget need not limit you from doing or seeing the things you love. Whether you’re a student backpacking your way across the world or simply wanting to save some money, Croatia offers some of the greatest sights to see that won’t cost you your left kidney. Not knowing where to start or what to see, my list of the top things to do will guide you through some of the greatest experiences you can have for a reasonable price.

Spending my gap year abroad, I wanted to explore a bit of the “real” Croatia that most tourists don’t get to see. Starting at the southern part of country, I went to Dubrovnik to explore the ancient city walls. A UNESCO site, these 7th century defensive walls takes you back to the beginning of the country, allowing you to touch a part of history itself.

Backpacking up to Split, I wanted to travel deeper in time, appreciating a period when Rome ruled the world. Diocletian’s palace is certainly one of the biggest attractions in the region, and for 80 kn or 11€ you can see what it was like to live like an emperor. Walking on the ancient cobble roads and seeing columns rise up over you; it wasn’t just one of the most wondrous places in the country but in the whole world.

Making it to the capital of Zagreb and having explored some of the historical parts of the country, I thought it would be nice to live like a local and stop off at the cinema. To my surprise the Kino Europe was one of a kind. Built in a 1920’s design, you can catch a movie and have some of the greatest coffee in Croatia! After quite a lot of the infamous coffee, I was feeling a little eccentric and decided to visit the Museum of Arts & Crafts. While there is certainly a bounty of classical museums in the city, I felt that seeing something local and a little more irregular would connect better with the culture. Displaying textile and tapestry work, I would definitely recommend it to someone wanting more out of their trip.

Your last stop should most definitely be Sljeme Mountain…

While many catch a glimpse of the city through a tour bus window, few can say that they have conquered a mountain to see it in all its glory. A moderate climb, the reward of seeing a sight stretching for miles is priceless. Ending your journey to Croatia with such a unique perspective will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.  

Michal Kniec

Michal Kniec, after completing a History degree in Canada, decided that a little change of scenery would do him some good and moved across the world to Manchester. Now studying law, he loves to write, cook, and travel as much as possible on this pale blue dot.


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