Adrenalin Junkies Guide to Australia

Australia is an adrenalin junkie’s paradise: from swimming with crocodiles to skydiving, surfing to bungee jumping, this is the country that has a license to thrill.
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Sydney Skywalk
In the very heart of Sydney’s city centre, the Sydney Tower has introduced a rather special addition to its rooftop – a transparent viewing platform, the Skywalk. Visitors can enjoy the view at 880 feet, twice the height of the Harbour Bridge, while strapping in to a safety harness attaching them to the walkways. Incredible 360 views follow for those brave enough!

Down Under Jet Boat
While you’re in Sydney, you may notice a bright green jet boat speeding up and down the harbour area. Performing incredible 270 spins at break-neck speeds, a trip on the Down Under Jet Boat lasts 35 mins including a souvenir photograph. If it’s all a bit much, don’t worry: your screams will be masked by the roar of the engine.

Another activity where a head for heights may come in handy, paragliding is hugely popular in Australia and there are many great spots across the coastline to try this. A tandem ride with an experienced paraglider will set you back around $160, and many companies take photos of you up in the sky as a memento of your flying experience.

What goes up must come down: skydiving is regarded by many adrenalin enthusiasts as the ultimate buzz. For those who want to experience speeds of 200 km per hour coupled with some birds-eye views, this is the one to go for. Don’t close your eyes under any circumstances – the trip only lasts a few minutes, so make the most of it.

Swimming with crocodiles
Something more down to earth now, though only literally, as taking a dip with the fearsome crocodile is not exactly your average holiday activity. Come face to face with the crocs huge gnashers from the safety of ‘the Cage of Death’ at Crocosaurus Cove Animal Park in Darwin. In actual fact should be renamed ‘the Cage of Life’ as it will very much keep you in one piece.

The classic Aussie pastime, surfing the waves on the country’s thousands of beaches is a way of life. Check out Surfer’s Point in Western Australia where the waves can reach 20 feet high, or enjoy a glass of the local Margaret River wine if you’d rather leave the locals to it.

Diving with sharks
For those who want to come face to face with the world’s most feared predator but would rather do so in a controlled environment, many aquariums offer shark diving trips in huge enclosed tanks where you’re able to look the sharks in the eye.

Bungee jumping
Back to another white-knuckle ride here, and another one of Australia’s favourite adventure activities, bungee jumping. One of the oldest bungee locations is at Gold Coast, where jumpers fall from 14 floors high next to Surfers Paradise.

White water rafting
The original white-knuckle ride, many of the best of Australia’s rafting can be found in the tropical north of the country. Beginners need not be afraid, as there are river rapids to suit all levels which are still sure to thrill.

Saving the most bizarre till last, zorbing is a craze which has increased in popularity in recent years but has been a hit in Australia for some time, again in the holiday hotspot of the Gold Coast. Strap in to 3m rubber ball and propel yourself in whichever direction you choose; just beware if you’re on the edge of a hill, as these things can easily pick up speed. You can even zorb with a friend or two inside with you!


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