5 Things You Should Have in Your Travel Size Emergency Kit

Over the years, we have exactly four weeks of vacation, and we surely want them to be perfect. Extreme sports enthusiasts travel to Asia, other who love dangerous hiking go to the mountains while people longing for culinary tours choose Europe for their next vacation destination.

However, it pays to know how to prepare for the trip and to avoid diseases which might ruin the whole mood of traveling in a second. Always moving family doctors and we today are going to share a few pieces of advice on what should be kept in your travel size emergency kit to help you out and ensure that you will have the best time abroad!

For a calm stomach – travel probiotics

One of the most unpleasant and saddest situations arise when you pay for an expensive trip to exotic lands, and you spend your whole vacation on a toilet in a hotel room or with a fever. What are the causes of such disease?

The most common reason – the food change. Traveler’s body is not used to a new type of food which also has new organisms in it, to which traveler’s immune system is not accustomed. We should not forget climate change, increased sensitivity to the sun, travel stress, poor quality of sleep and fatigue, and compulsory vaccination if you are traveling to exotic lands. And finally the abuse of alcohol.

All these problems can be coped with well if before the trip you started to use products with probiotics containing other useful materials as well, such as zinc! And that is not even that hard to find these medicine – most of the pharmacies have it, and you can shop for it way cheaper with, for instance, ChameleonJohn’s coupon codes!

Smart body temperature gauge

It is easy to catch a cold during the trip – it happens even in the hottest places on the planet, not just in Lapland. Body temperature can tell a lot about the nature of the disease and what you need to do for treatment, so once you are on a road, it is necessary to have a reliable thermometer with you as well.

The IR ray thermometer which you can use with your smartphone can be the one worth investing in if you are always traveling. It is enough to download the app, and your phone will instantly become a smart thermometer which will measure body’s, environment’s and even sea’s temperature. Another advantage of this device – smart thermometer will remind you about the use of drugs, and even calculate the dosage of it too.

Gloves-shaped cloths

Fans of extreme trips to the mountains, deserts or impenetrable forests often have to walk without much of a convenience for long distances. In the wild, it is pretty rare to find a comfortable shower, so instead of suffered for several days without a shower, try special cleaning cloths.

The biggest advantage of these cloths is that it is absolutely no need to use water with it. It is enough to wipe the skin and allow it to dry. That is it! You can also invest in a nice bottle of dry shampoo as well, and be squawky clean without a drop of water!

Silicone, reusable patches

Travelers are well aware that comfortable shoes are extremely important, but even with the most comfortable touring shoes, you can harm your feet. When you are walking around a lot, it is more likely to hurt your foot, scrape your knee and so on. So, doctors advise instead of wearing conventional patches, to test innovative reusable silicone ones.

Modern patches which allow skin to breathe can help to relieve pain, prevent a formation of new wounds and it is absolutely suitable for sensitive skin. The best part is that is reusable and can help you out for as long as you need it!

The gel, which will speed up the healing of wounds

It is fine if you have a little injury easy to hide and protect with a small patch. However, then we travel, we can cut, prick, cause sunburn and harm our bodies a lot more than we want to. During the holidays nobody wants to find a doctor or nurse, so scientists have developed a hydrophilic polymer gel, which will speed up the healing of small wounds for 2-3 times.

These types of lubricants cover the wound with a film and retain moisture. Moreover, if you use such advanced oil you won’t have to deal with itching, scabs on the wounds, and even prevent scarring.

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