5 Most Spectacular Atolls in Which You Can Spend Your Gap Year

Atolls, if you don’t know it yet, are called small, ring-shaped coral islands, which lie in the middle of the lagoon. These, usually remote, scattered patches of land in oceans, often give spectacular views and a chance to run away from mass tourism. Moreover, almost every time atolls are also surrounded by breathtaking coral reefs, so beautiful views there are a guarantee. So, have planned where you can spend your gap year yet? Bellow we and Travel Ticker team are going to offer you five wonderful ideas!

1. Divers’ paradise in an uncannily notorious Atoll

Located in the Pacific Ocean, Bikini Atoll is famous not only for the fact that it inspired to name the first two-piece bathing suit. In the twentieth century, in the middle of the area, this atoll got famous for the fact, that here nuclear weapons testing and the grisly experiments were taken. But there is no need to be worried about that at all. Now atoll’s radiation level is completely safe, and because of the fact that Bikini for a long time didn’t have any residents, the underwater world remained fully intact. In fact, divers choose Bikini not only for the chance to explore its unique wildlife, but also to see military ships and aircraft debris resting on the bottom of the sea.

2. Free time with turtles in a vast laboratory

Seychelles located Aldabra, consists of four small islands and is considered being as the second largest atoll in the world. Due to the extremely secluded location, Aldabra has remained untouched by human activity and is one of the best places to explore nature. In fact, this atoll often is called as a giant laboratory, which, to be fair, perfectly suits for your holiday or a gap year. Atoll is annually visited by nearly 1,000 travelers who have a unique opportunity to see the largest land turtle population in the world – remote islands are a home to more than 150 thousands of these amazing animals.

3. Dolphin exploration in a “vast sky.”

Translated from the local language, French Polynesia’s Rangiroa Atoll name means “the vast sky.” Indeed – the endless blue Pacific Ocean, really makes you feel like you are somewhere far up the heavens. Despite the fact, that local beaches do not have soft powdery sand, these Atoll islands will make to fall in love with them anyway. And diving enthusiasts will be the first ones to do that for sure. Because of strong currents here sharks do not swim around, so it is safe to explore the colorful world of the sea – fish, mantas, sea turtles and even see some graceful dolphins!

4. Atoll, where it is worth celebrating New Year

Caroline Atoll is located on the Pacific Ocean and amazes not only with a splendid nature but also the fact that this atoll’s locals are the first ones in the world who celebrates the New Year.

Postcard-like leaning palms and powdery sand beaches fall into the least affected beaches lists, so here you will get one of the best chance to enjoy solitude and peacefulness as well.  However, Atoll is above the sea level by only 6 meters, so the researchers are already calling the alarm – it is believed that the ocean could “swallow” this fantastic place somewhere around 2025’s.

5. Magical calmness in the unheard country

Only a few know Tuvalu, but the fact, that its’ capital is Funafuti is a real novelty for many of us. To be fair, this tiny Atoll is worth visiting not only for unexplored culture. Between Hawaii and Australia scattered islets, breath with tranquility, because here the local population is just over 4000 thousand, and because of a minuscule tourism industry here, you will find only one working hotel.

Because of the very low flow of tourists, impeccably organized tours here should not be expected. But that is nothing to be worried about – the moment you lie down in those fabulous beaches, you will forget everything.

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