3 Ways to Travel to Your Dream Destination

Today’s post is written by Leslie West who explores three different ways for a variety of travellers to reach their dream destinations.

Everyone has that one special place they long to see. For some it’s the lights of Paris, or the Great Wall of China, or even the fierce jungles of the Amazon. These are our dream travel destinations, the “I really want to visit before I die” locations that we swear we’ll travel to in the distant “someday”. The problem is that “someday” comes and goes all too quickly in a lifetime filled with work and family obligations. For many, the obstacle is time and scheduling. While for others, the greatest hindrance to travel is cost. But maybe the vacation of a lifetime is closer than you think…if you re-think your definition of a vacation.

Happy Honeymoon

Ah a honeymoon, that romantic journey shared by two soul mates in the afterglow of nuptial bliss. What better time to take that trip you’ve always dreamed of? If you and your partner share a dream of visiting a far off land or taking an extended cruise a honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to make it happen. All too often though, the expense of the big day itself wipes out many couples, allowing them only the resources for a truncated or less elaborate honeymoon. Of course, a limited budget doesn’t have to mean a limited selection of discount honeymoon destinations. A growing trend among soon-to-be married couples is looking to friends and family for help in funding their honeymoon adventure. Many couples are foregoing the traditional wedding registry gifts of silverware and monogrammed towels in favour of registering for their honeymoon. These registries allow guests to give gifts ranging from contributing to airfare to paying for specific excursions on the trip.

While the notion of registering for a honeymoon is gaining popularity, it may not be the ideal option for everyone. For some couples the idea of asking for honeymoon assistance makes them uncomfortable. For others the issue is simply logistics. Maybe the couple doesn’t share the same vision of a perfect vacation. Or perhaps, in spite of yearning to raft the white waters of Alaska, you may be seeking a more restful vacation after the frenzied weeks leading up to a wedding. In these cases, the honeymoon might not be the ideal time to fulfil that life long dream. And, for the single travellers, why wait for the perfect mate to take the perfect trip?

Make it business.

Another way to reach your dream destination is to make it work. Literally. Most career fields offer some opportunity for professional development. And where there is professional development, there are conferences and trade shows. The secret is to take the time to find a convention, in or near your location of choice that would make sense for you to attend. It’s important to think about this method legitimately and not just as “a cover” to get a vacation on your company’s money. Especially if travel is not a usual part of your job description.

Before you attempt to take this approach there are a few key points to keep in mind. Have a specific, legitimate, conference in mind and plenty of information on what can be learned before you pitch your bosses. Know which seminars you’d want to attend, why you want to be in those sessions and how you plan to use what you learn to do your job better or improve business in general. While, a free trip is the ideal outcome, if you REALLY want to go, and travel is highly unusual for anyone at your office, offer to shell out half the expenses. Because really, 50% off the trip of a lifetime isn’t half bad either.

By taking it seriously and having honest intentions of improving your skill set and networking you aren’t trying to dupe anyone or take advantage of a situation. If this all sounds like a drag, just remember most conferences aren’t 24/7. After the last keynote speaker of the day, you are fee to roam and sight-see. With any luck, you’ll have met some nice enough folks at your conference and you’ll find yourself experiencing your dream destination while bonding with a brand new group of friends.

Work Abroad

If your current job refuses to let you travel, give some thought to finding a new one. Perhaps even a new one IN your desired location. A work visa could wind up being your key to not only seeing your dream destination, but really immersing yourself in its culture. In most careers, there is a strong possibility that there is a similar field of work in the place you’d like to go and your new opportunity might simply be an updated resume away. Of course in most cases to make it worth it, you would want to negotiate for re-location assistance.

If working abroad is going to require a career change, then consider some other options that could be a complete departure from your usual line of work. Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a very popular choice due to the relative simplicity of the teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification process. If you are the religious type, missionary work is always an option. For health professionals groups like Doctor’s without borders offer unique travel experiences for both doctors and nurses. There’s also the option to travel as an au pair or child care giver. The benefit of participating in a work abroad program is that often you will likely have many travel expenses covered, and even be compensated while you work. The drawback is it can mean traveling for an extended period of time, much longer than a normal vacation.

In reality, the opportunities to work in a foreign nation are only as limited as your vision, research abilities and capacity for learning a new skill. In this case it would be irresponsible to end without a warning to be extremely careful not every organization on the World Wide Web is as reputable as we would like. So just be wary of anyone who wants you to pay for information, and research any group or training before committing to it, just to make sure you have the absolute best possible experience.

Just go

If you’ve been sitting around watching the Travel Channel pining away for exotic locales full of adventure, stop waiting for your day to come and make it happen. These are only a few creative ways to receive assistance or compensation for travelling. But never forget there’s always the very simple old-fashioned way to reach your dream destination: save your pennies, pack your bags and book a flight.

Leslie is a writer for a Pardons website based out of Canada. She loves travelling almost as much as she loves writing about it. Her own dream destination is Bangkok Thailand.

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