13 Seriously Strange Hotel Guest Requests

Have you ever gotten the feeling that you’re asking a little too much of your hotel concierge? Well, you’ll find comfort in knowing that you certainly aren’t the most difficult guest to ever visit. It’s likely that you don’t even compare to the wacky requests hotel employees have received over the years; from shipping a tiger to filling a bathtub with milk, hotel staff members have done plenty of bending over backwards to ensure that their guests have the most comfortable stay possible.

Think you’ve heard some crazy stories? Here’s a list of the Top 13 Strangest Hotel Guest Requests:

1. So, How About That Airline Food?

Airline food may be the butt of a lot of stand-up comedy jokes, but one guest at the InterContinental Los Angeles Century City took his airline cuisine very seriously, preferring the meals served at the hotel. Astonishingly, the concierge went the extra mile to help the guest enjoy a pleasant meal on his flight back home by specially delivering a smoked salmon pizza, complete with stainless steel silverware just before take-off.

2. Speaking of Salmon…

Apparently, hotel guests have a thing for fish, but this one preferred hers living, with a specific living space. According to HotelClub, one guest submitted the following request: “I would like a fish tank in my room that is sized approximately 30 cm and fully stocked before confirming this booking.”

3. Got Milk?

Those who take advantage of cheap hotels don’t usually get to enjoy the luxury of spa services, but for a guest at Kiev’s Premier Palace hotel in Ukraine, the basic spa treatment just didn’t cut it. This guest demanded his bathtub to be with milk, from a glass bottle only. Although it took hours, the staff managed to fill it to the brim with the fresh dairy products.

4. Can We Mow Your Lawn?

Perhaps one of the least difficult requests, a guest who was holding a lawnmower convention at a Best Western requested permission to test out some of the new gear on the hotel property to see how well it worked.

5. Love Connection

Concierges are not only capable of bringing you extra towels, but a new wife as well. The concierge at the InterContinental hotel in Hong Kong fulfilled a guest’s request to ask the woman of his dreams to dinner on his behalf. Not only that, but the concierge also scheduled the date in the Verandah restaurant, and arranged for the hotel’s Rolls-Royce to transport the woman there. It was all worth the trouble, because the couple married shortly after.

6. Can You Turn Down the Ocean?

Most people find the sound of crashing ocean to be comforting and relaxing, but not the guest at the Gran Hotel Elba Estepona & Thalasso Spa in Spain, who claimed that the sounds of the crashing ocean waves were bothersome and asked the concierge to do something about the noise. Guess the luxury of beach-front was too much for him; he should have just compared cheap hotels for something less noisy.

7. Wild Things

A man visiting his girlfriend in Miami, Florida as all set on having her move back to London with him, but the girlfriend had one condition: that her pet tiger accompany her on the trip. The couple arranged this request with the concierge and the tiger was able to make it back with no problems.

8. Art Lover

One especially eccentric guest from The Stafford in London requested the concierge assist him in his quest to see every painting ever created by Vermeer. The only problem was that one was a part of the queen’s private collection in Buckingham Palace. Despite the obstacle, the concierge was able to schedule a visit for the grateful guest.

9. A Very Good Night’s Sleep

One couple opted to spend the extra money for a luxury hotel instead of cheap hotels on their vacation to China. A good idea, too: when they first lie down on the luxurious beds at the Shanghai Mansion hotel in China, the couple was so impressed that they asked the concierge to ship the entire bedding set back to their home in Europe.

10. Snakes in a Hotel?

The concierge at the Four Seasons Tented Camp, located in Thailand, fulfilled a customer’s request to have photographs taken of his children with a snake. After calling a local friend who owned a giant python, the guests were delighted with their pictures, taken with the 12 foot long, 265 pound snake right on the hotel property.

11. You Can’t Take It With You… Or Can You?

An American couple, visiting Monasterio Cuzco in Peru, asked the staff of the Chef Concierge Hotel if they could take the red clay tiles covering the roofs of the nearby buildings. The concierge was able to ship duplicate tiles back to their home in the United States with a total cost of $200 for the tiles and $6,000 for the shipping.

12. True Dog Lovers

Two guests at Switzerland’s Swiss Diamond Hotel requested an extra executive deluxe room room–in addition to the executive deluxe room already booked–for their “beautiful dog” to stay for the standard rate of $300 per night.

13. Rugby Enthusiast

An Australian rugby fan staying at the Ritz-Carlton in Georgetown, D.C. requested 24-hour access to the rugby channel in Australia. The concierge honored the request by installing a satellite dish, talking it over with the Dish Network, and setting up the station just for the guest.

So, after all that…do you still think you’re a pain for asking for more towels? You’re not. Chances are the staff has heard much more interesting requests.

This guest post was written and provided by freelance writer and consultant Erica Gustafson for Expedia.

  • Laura
    Posted at 17:29h, 03 October

    These are definitely pretty strange. I’m amazed that the hotels even agreed to cater to some of these requests! 😉

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