10 Reasons to Spend Your Summer Holiday in Cape Verde

An increasingly popular destination for holiday makers, Cape Verde has everything you need for a break away. Here’s a list of ten reasons why you should consider the country for your summer holiday.

Aerial view of Santa Maria beach in Sal Cape Verde - Cabo Verde

All to Yourself

If you’re looking to venture away from well-trodden tourist beaches, then look no further. About 500km off the West Coast of Africa, Cape Verde is a ten-island archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean. Just a six-hour flight from London and you’ll find yourself in this outstanding nation. There’s so much to explore!

It’s There When You’re Ready

No matter what time you’re visiting; Cape Verde is sure to have the weather sorted. The temperature varies from 21°c to 29°c throughout the year and there’s always a cool Atlantic breeze. So if you’re looking to catch an off-peak bargain, this is your place!

It Is What You Make It

Visiting Caper Verde doesn’t need to mean staying in one spot- the main resorts of Cape Verde are located on the Islands of Sal and Boa Vista, but don’t be afraid to venture further afield, or do a little Island hopping rather than staying in one place.

Beach Life

It’s no secret that Cape Verde has some of the most beautiful beaches- and the red and tan sand dunes are truly spectacular. The annual beach festival of Santa Maria takes place every September and can’t be missed. Both locals and tourists flock to dance to the Cape Verdean beats on the sands long into the night.

Sightseeing Galore

Take to the rushing Atlantic waves to windsurf and feel the Cape Verde breeze in your hair one day, hike to see Boa Vista’s old shipwreck the next, and then explore the history of the area at Duque de Braganca Fort.

The Fun Never Stops

If you find yourself in Santa Maria or Sal, prepare yourself for an entertaining night. It’s bars and clubs are the perfect way to experience the night culture of the area- with both local musicians and well-known songs too, the theme tune to your night will certainly be upbeat.

Friendly Faces

The Cape Verde locals will welcome you with open arms, known for being extremely helpful and friendly. Pop by the harbour to hang with the locals, and find out what Cape Verde living is all about.

Scenery Beyond Compare

Lush mountain ridges meet volcanic towers, and make the most stunning silhouettes come sunset. It’s difficult to find a barbecue spot much better than this. So whether its by the beach or up in the mountains, you’ll definitely be breath taken.

Culture Vultures

From shopping the bright colours of the local markets, to exploring the multitude of museums, or strolling down to a local harbour to experience local life. Cape Verde life is such a treat.

Tasty Treats

You’re certain to find mouth-watering food galore in Cape Verde, from succulent lobster caught fresh from the beautiful waters, to more traditional foods of the area like pastels. You certainly won’t regret a trip to the food markets that pop with colour. Yummy!

The list is endless! Who wouldn’t want to visit Cape Verde? There really is something for everyone.

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