Turkey Holidays

Merhaba! (Hello – learn before you go!)

Turkey is best known for it’s capital Istanbul. There is a reason for this: Istanbul is a magical city. But saying that, it is definitely not all that Turkey has to offer! Turkey holidays can be anything you want them to be and include the history and the adventure that is all part of travel. Stunning beaches, mountains, lakes, mosques, bazaars… tempted? Me too…

At this time visiting Europe is crazy expensive, so it’s the perfect time to look at travelling to other countries, and Turkey will be a lot more budget friendly! With hostels starting from $5 a night you are left with more money to spend on other things!

To really experience the life that Turkey locals live and soak up the culture you will often find yourself learning more from a guided tour. Get off the beaten track with a Turkey cultural tour that is guided by a professional photographer so not only will you really see Turkey, you will come home with a set of snaps that match the memories!

Checking out the local drinks definitely counts as experiencing the culture so don’t forget to try some Raki (the Turkish national drink) whilst you’re out there! With a higher alcohol percentage than vodka I have to say be responsible… but ENJOY.

If you really want to have a holiday in Turkey and just relax why not stay somewhere quieter like in a fishing village where you can soak up the beautiful scenery, mouth-watering cuisine and warm waters on the coast. The only problem you might face is that little one of not wanting to leave! This is all child friendly.

But if it is a little excitement that really appeals, for activity holidays Turkey has it all. Whether you want to be on land or water you can keep busy! Why not scuba dive or go rafting in the crystal Aegean AND hike or mountain bike around the dramatic mountain backdrops.

For you British, American and Australian readers don’t forget to get your tourist permit or visa on arrival in Turkey! It’s a simple matter of paying at the border but be aware the the prices can change.

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