Travel Bloggers Unite Conference

I’m a pleased to announce I have been invited to attend the Travel Bloggers Unite Conference as a panelist! The event will be held in Manchester, England on the 26th and 27th of March 2011.

This event will bring 200 individuals from all walks of life such as Travel Bloggers, Social Media Experts and PR Gurus and put them under one roof. This will be a fantastic opportunity for networking, the sharing of knowledge and the stimulation of creativity.

So why this event?

The rather genius thing about this event is that you can tailor your conference experience around you. The ‘How To’ sessions are repeated throughout the day at different times and you can attend them whenever you like. Topics include; Video, SEO, Podcasting, Affiliate Marketing, PR + Travel Bloggers and Facebook.

In addition to that you get keynote speakers, panel discussions and most importantly a social programme (I like to have fun too).

Should I attend?

Well quite simply, yes. Not only will you get to meet me (ahem), but you’ll meet quite a few people in the industry. As much as we all work online sometimes good old face-to-face works much better. Whether you are already blogging or thinking about it you should consider attending. If the networking opportunity doesn’t attract you enough as it is the wealth of information on offer should seal the deal.

Visit the Travel Bloggers Unite website or follow TBU on Twitter for more information.

Tickets for TBU11 are on sale now!

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