What are the Best Backpacks for Women? Top 10 for Backpacking

What is the best backpack for ladies? Well, women have different needs compared to men when it comes to backpacks which is why we created a separate list just for you.

Generally speaking backpacks are ‘unisex’ or ‘women’s’. What’s the difference?

Female specific backpacks are designed for women by having a shorter back length and have extra padding so that they are more comfortable on your hips. They may also have shoulder straps that are shaped so provide extra comfort around the chest.

If you are a tall female, you may want to consider a unisex backpack as the longer back system might fit you better.Check out our general best backpack list for more options.

We at Gap Year Escape are massive fans of the Berghaus Jalan for women.

The Berghaus Jalan is our top pick backpack here at Gap Year Escape. The Berghaus Jalan comes in a 65lt version for girls. This backpack zips most of the way round so you can open it like a suitcase! It also has a detachable day sack for day-to-day use. Berghaus is a solid brand with an excellent track record in quality. You can check out our Berghaus Jalan review or buy the female version of the Berghaus Jalan on Amazon.

Berghaus Jalan

We also recommend that you take a look at the Berghaus Motive which also has the ‘suitcase like opening’ feature.

If you did want to shop around we have a list of 10 of the best backpacks for women on the market.

Best Backpacks for Women

Berghaus Torridon Women’s Backpack

Berghaus Torridon Women

This backpack is equipped with many extra zipped pockets for smaller items. The Torridon is lightweight but very durable. It also includes a rain cover and attachment points on its lid. Its back system is A-Trek adjustable and it has a female harness. You can adjust it to match your height well and it also includes removable chest straps for stability. It has a base compartment with bivi divider and a top lid pocket. If that wasn’t enough it also has a bottle holder. Check out the Berghaus Torridon on Amazon.

Osprey Womens Ariel

Osprey Womens Ariel 65

This women’s rucksack is a lightweight rucksack that is perfect for feminine users. Its features include a light wire alloy peripheral frame, a hip belt, and an internal load compression strap. It also has a trekking pole attachment point, compression straps, side pockets, front pockets and attachment slots. It features straight jacket compression and also includes gear loops and straps on the side. There is also a sleeping bag access with separator and 2 ice axe loops for maximum usability. Osprey Ariel is also hydration compatible. It uses a weight reduction system for comfort in carrying heavy loads. It also features Osprey’s ErgoPull closure system that allows the use of split support wings for secured tension along the top and bottom of the hip belt. Find out more about this backpack on Amazon.

Berghaus Women’s Bioflex

Berghaus Women's Bioflex 50+10 Rucsac

Berghaus Bioflex rucksack for women features a unique fit and assured comfort because of the Bioflex system. It also has an adjustable harness for your chest and you can also adjust it to fit better for your height. It features a cross load frame that incorporates DAC poles. It has walking pole holders, zipped pockets, lid pockets inside and outside. It also has compression straps and a compartment base with bivi divider, a known feature of Berghaus rucksacks. A rain cover also comes with this bag and you can find large mesh pockets on the side. Buy this now from Amazon.

Karrimor Cheetah Women’s Rucksack

Karrimor Cheetah 50-70F Women's Rucksack - Grape/Elite Grey, 50-70 lt

This women’s rucksack is made with an adjustable back system and padded shoulder straps for women to have a comfortable carrying experience. For added security and stability, it also has a sliding chest strap. It has a main compartment that has an elastic divider and 2 zipped pickets alongside mesh wand and expansion side pockets for added storage and expansions. Check out the Karrimor Cheetah on Amazon.

Berghaus C7 1 Women’s Rucksack

Berghaus C7 1 60+10 Women's Rucksack, 70 lt

The brand itself carries a good reputation in the backpack industry. You can always expect something good from Berghaus. The C7 women’s rucksack has a new improved Bioflex back system and gripper hip belts with breather. Its bottom compartment has zipped divider for a more organized packing experience. It has two side expansion pockets that are five litres each and it also has wand pockets. For the woman with lots of bits and pieces, this is your backpack! Check out Amazon for a bargain price on this Berghaus C7 backpack.

Karrimor Panther Women’s Rucksack

Karrimor Panther 65 F Womens Fit Rucksack

This is another great option for women who want to get a new backpack. It has a self adjustable back system so it fits well to any woman’s body size and type. It has an improved harness and it is also hydration system. It includes side compression straps, base load straps, and a rope strap. Pockets included are 2 lid pockets, 2 mesh wand pockets, and a front pocket. It has a lid shock cord carrying system, a rain cover, a chest strap, a grab handle and attachment points for ice axe or walking pole. This is for the adventurous woman! Check out the latest cheap price of the Karrimor Panther on Amazon.

Lowe Alpine TFX Lhotse ND65-80

Lowe Alpine TFX Lhotse ND65-80 Womens Rucksack [Misc.]

This is a backpack that has a 5 star rating on Amazon. It is perfectly designed for feminine users because its harness is fully adjustable to fit well with any body size. The chest straps are designed in a way that it can be positioned comfortable over your chest area. This Lowe Alpine rucksack has a reputation for minimising back pain during its use. This backpack is available from Amazon.

Eureka! Women’s Archimedes LT Backpack

Eureka! Women's Archimedes LT Backpack (62+8 Litre) - Phantom/Sea Grass/Dark Grey/Black

This backpack has an internal frame expedition type pack that is perfect for the high demands of a traveller. It has four entry points for easier access. It has a front accessory pocket that can be detached to be a full day pack. It also includes a harness system and a tri lock full pack locks for compression for improved weight distribution. A rain cover is also attached in case of rain, and there are also large side pockets for easier access to your immediate needs. Buy this now from Amazon.

Karrimor Jaguar 55 – 75 F Womens Fit Rucksack

Karrimor Jaguar 55 - 75 F Womens Fit Rucksack

Karrimor Jaguar is similar to Karrimor Panther in a number of ways such as in the back system used, the hydration system, straps and pockets. However, Jaguar specifically has 3 point compression and a sliding and elastic chest strap. It also has a rain cover, attachment points, lid shock cord carrying system, rain cover and a grab handle. Find this Karrimor Jaguar backpack on Amazon.

Gregory Women’s Deva 60 Backpack

Gregory Women's Deva 60 Backpack

Impressively, this backpack for women was the recipient of the 2008 Backpacker Magazine Editor’s Choice award. It has a five out of five stars from its Amazon buyers and all claim that this is a perfect backpack for women. It can be a little more expensive than other brands but it is still very much worth it because of its high quality. Its suspension system assures you that your stuff will fit perfectly inside the bag. You can find this backpack on Amazon.

We hope you find a perfect backpack to suit your needs. Going for a backpack that is specifically designed for women to carry is a smart choice if you want to be assured of comfort, stability and safety.


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