The Gap Year Escape Scholarship Programme is designed to recognise the skills that are fundamental to successfully operating in the online business space. A scholarship of £500 will be provided to assist one promising student interested in pursuing a career in business and marketing related fields.

Since its launch in 2009, Gap Year Escape has played a pivotal role in providing advice, guidance and inspiration to thousands of travellers whether they are on gap years, career breaks or short backpacking trips. The growth of the website has been driven by utilising innovative marketing techniques and an entrepreneurial motivation.

Amar Hussain, Gap Year Escape Founder: “Gap Year Escape became an outlet for my entrepreneurial drive and an arena where I could utilise the skills I had acquired from employment and university. What’s more, the business was started with an initial investment of £70! Seven years later the business has grown into a key figure in the Gap Year space. The Gap Year Escape scholarship will assist and encourage a Business or Marketing student to pursue a similar path of entrepreneurship”.

Application Deadline: December 31st, 2016


All entrants must be on a Undergraduate or Masters degree connected to the fields of Business, Marketing or Communications for the academic year 2016-2017. All applications must be made from an associated university email account and have attached proof from the university that confirms the applicant meets the set criteria. The award is open to all nationalities, provided they are enrolled at a UK-based university.


Applicants are asked to supply our judging panel with a 1000-1500 word synopsis, highlighting how they would start a business with £500. Our judges will select the most creative and compelling idea submitted. Applications will close on 11.59pm December 31st 2016. The successful applicant will be announced on January 10th 2017. We will only contact you or reply to submission if you are the successful applicant.


  • All essays submitted should be written by the entrant and be clear of any plagiarism. Applications will be checked for any signs of duplication.
  • Applicants must be able to prove they are on a Marketing, Business or Communications focused course for the 2016/17 academic year.
  • Please make sure you submit your application from your university email account and it includes the following:
    • Copy of 1000-1500 word essay
    • Proof of student status for 2016-17 academic year.
    • Proof of enrollment onto a Marketing, Business or Communications course.

For further information about these requirements and the Gap Year Escape scholarship programme in general please contact.

Excited by this opportunity?

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Gap Year Escape is an advice and inspiration portal for travellers across the globe. We offer advice on things like buying a round the world ticket and the best travel insurance to the best backpacks and even offering discounts like an Airbnb coupon code. If you’re heading on a Gap Year, this is the place for you. We are also keen on teaching individualist how to start a blog.