Diving the Zenobia in Cyprus


I suppose you could say that scuba diving and I are still in our honeymoon period. I did my first open water dive a mere 6 months ago but I knew almost instantly that I was totally hooked. I have the unabating (and lightly irritating) enthusiasm of the newly converted – I bore anyone who…

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Summer in Stockholm

Across 14 islands and over 57 bridges, Sweden’s capital city sets up in a location other settlements can’t help but envy. While other capitals can boast of their rich history, Stockholm is relatively new. Records show its birth year to be 1252. With a name meaning “tree trunk islet”, Stockholm takes on a very outdoorsy…

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The Best Adventure Travel Books Ever Written


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Why San Marino Lends The Traveler’s Ultimate Bragging Rights

Situated in the Apennines, San Marino just looks like another classic Italian town, up high on a hill with a few castle-looking structures. However Italian town it is not. San Marino is San Marino. Landlocked by Italy, San Marino is its own place, its own republic. And when you are the oldest republic in the…

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World’s Best Tropical Islands

Tropical Islands are what we all daydream about but which is the best tropical paradise to visit? Calm breeze, palm trees, white sand and still clear blue water. Look no further! Fiji Consisting of 322 islands, this ocean paradise is a perfect choice for backpackers on a round the world trip. Stop off here in…

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Lisbon’s Wild Ride: 5 Rattling Reasons to Visit

Portugal’s capital has always been one for dramatics, including its very location. Across seven hills, Lisbon makes a home. Its roots have proven to be both prosperous and tumultuous. In 1755, an earthquake decimated the city, destroying much of the riches Portuguese exploration worked so hard to show off. Lisbon would rebuild, this time a…

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Exploring the South Eastern Region of France

The Alps

France has long been a popular tourist destination, and the south east region has a character all its own with a rich heritage, great cuisine and lush landscapes. Flickr: jonasbille Getting there The south east region of France is well served by a variety of transport options. France’s rail system is one of the best…

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Want to work in paradise? Go to Goa!


Goa India is known for its beautiful beaches, crystal waters and smiling, happy locals. It’s no wonder that Goa holidays are popular among travellers from all over the world. Flickr: Nicolas Fleury In addition to the magic scenery, Goa’s vibrant culture and party scene make it the ideal destination or stop during your gap year.…

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