No need to close my eyes and dream…

There are some days that you will remember for the rest of your life. Like the best ice cream you ever had (Paris, on the Champs-Élysées) or the best birthday present you ever got (Duplo Lego for my 3rd Birthday). I had another one of these days.

Having just achieved my PADI license on Koh Tao (east coast) I had heard about how amazing Koh Phi Phi was (west coast) and how I had to go there. Again it was one of those interesting journeys where I took an overnight boat. Imagine rows of small mats (smaller than a single mattress). Now imagine been squashed between two sweaty strangers all night and attempt to fall asleep. I had a very long shower when I arrived!

If you have ever seen the film ‘The Beach’ and thought wow that looks nice, well that’s where I have just been. It was truly amazing. Crystal clear blue water, white sand, limestone cliffs and beautiful multi-coloured fish to snorkel with, what more could you want? I spent the day touring round all the different islands and beaches, jumping off the boat, eating pineapple, having my picture taken with a wild monkey and watching the sunset on a beautiful backdrop of cliffs and ocean. Not something I will soon forget.

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