Lifeventure Travel Locks Review

Knowing your backpack or suitcase is secure is one less thing to be concerned about, especially when you’re staying in hostels. No problem, here’s the low down on the best Travel Lock for your backpack.

Lifeventure TSA 3-Digit Pack Lock

What type of travel lock should I use?

Firstly, you don’t want to be worrying about losing keys. A travel lock that incorporates a combination rather than a key is always best. For the forgetful, 3 digit combination locks should be fine but you can get 4 digit combination locks.

What about TSA approved locks?

When travelling through the USA the TSA may search your checked baggage. To avoid having your locks broken a TSA approved lock means that a TSA official will be able to open your log and re-lock your bag without any damage. The lock will also indicate whether it has been opened by the TSA.

Recommended Travel Locks

That being said the best travel locks are the Lifeventure TSA 3-Digit Pack Lockclip_image001or 4-Digit Pack Lock. I’ve been using these locks for over three years and been through countless airports. Aside from a bit of chipped paint these locks are in perfect working order.

Travel Lock Tip: Cable Lock

Security Combination Cable Lock 60cm

Your luggage may be locked up in your room or luggage storage but what’s stopping someone from walking off with the whole thing? A great deterrent is a Mini Cable Lock clip_image001[2]. Loop the Cable Lock through your bag lock and attach it to your bed frame, door hinge, pipe, another backpack or whatever you can find! A determined thief will be able to break through this Cable Lock (any lock really) but for an opportunist a Cable Lock will be a great deterrent.

Lifeventure Travel Locks get the Gap Year Escape seal of approval.

Lifeventure Travel Locks Review
Lifeventure Travel Locks get the Gap Year Escape seal of approval. Great for any traveller.
Written by: Amar Hussain
Lifeventure Travel Locks
Date published: 08/02/2012
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