Karrimor Panther 65 F Womens Fit Rucksack

To help you choose the best backpack for you, I write backpack overviews and reviews. Browse through them in this website but inthe mean time let me tell you all about Karrimor Panther Womens Fit Rucksack. Karrimor Panther Womens Fit Rucksack is another good rucksack from Karrimor. Karimorr has been popular to travellers and mountain goers because of their durable and good priced backpacks.

Karrimor Panther 65 F Womens Fit Rucksack


  • New SA back system
Karrimor Panther Womens Fit Rucksack allows a more comfortable carrying because of its new SA system. You can adjust the bag to fit your size. It is recommended for anybody.
  • Improved womens harness shaping

The harness of Karrimor Panther Womens Fit Rucksack is perfectly designed to fit women. It was shaped to provide women with more comfort and stability while carrying the backpack.

  • Hydration system compatible

Like many high end backpacks, Karrimor Panther Womens Fit Rucksack is likewise compatible with hydration system.

  • Side compression straps

To make sure that you carry your bag and not the bag carrying you, you can use the side compression straps and enjoy a hassle free hiking, trekking, or mere walking.

  • Base load straps and Rope strap

This is to ensure that your things are secured and your bag is also stable as you carry it on your back.

  • Expansion side pockets, 2 pockets in lid, 2 mesh wand pockets, Front pocket

The more pockets included, the better. This will make your packing easier and more convenient. More pockets means better arrangement of things.

  • Raincover

No need to worry about the rain or any wet situation. Karrimor Panther Womens Fit Rucksack includes a rain cover to secure your bag and things from getting damaged because of the rain.

  • Sliding and elasticated chest strap
This adds up to the security and backpack’s stability. Karrimor Panther Womens Fit Rucksack is a perfect hiking or trekking mate for ladies.
  • Other features

Ice axe/walking pole attachment points are also featured in the bag to make your travel activities more convenient and hassle free.

Karrimor Panther Womens Fit Rucksack weighs 1690g and can carry a massive capacity of 65 litres. 1690g is perfectly sized for women to use.
Karrimor Panther 65 F Womens Fit Rucksack

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