Karrimor Cheetah 50-70F Women’s Rucksack

Karrimor Cheetah Women’s Rucksack is another backpack I’d like to recommend to you women. Karrimor Cheetah Women’s Rucksack carries Karrimor’s good reputation pretty well. It keeps up with Karrimor’s standard in producing high quality rucksacks. It basically hass all the features that you might need in a rucksack. Here is a quick overview of Karrimor Cheetah Women’s Rucksack’s features:

Karrimor Cheetah 50-70F Women's Rucksack - Grape/Elite Grey, 50-70 lt


  • > Main compartment with elastic divider
Karrimor Cheetah Women’s Rucksack has a main compartment with elastic divider to help you pack your things conveniently. With this feature, you can easily arrange your things by separating different things from others. This is perfect for separating clean things from dirty ones when packing to your way home after your trip.
  • > Expansion side pockets plus mesh wand pockets
Karrimor Cheetah Women’s Rucksack is built with two zip pocket, expansion side pockets and mesh wand pockets to give you more storage when you go for a hike, camp, trek, or even just for a plain walk.
Karrimor Cheetah 50-70F Women's Rucksack - Grape/Elite Grey, 50-70 lt
  • > SA2 back system
The Karrimor Cheetah Women’s Rucksack is constructed with Self Adjustable back system. This means that Karrimor Cheetah Women’s Rucksack can fit perfectly fine with any body size.
  • > 3 point compression
this is to ensure that the backpack is stable while you carry it. This helps make the backpack hug your back tight as you walk and most importantly as you hike through steep ways.
  • > Rope and base load straps
These adds up to the security your bag provides as you carry it. The more straps, the more stable and secured you and your bag are.
  • > Adjustable shoulder and chest straps

Product variations

Karrimor Cheetah Women’s Rucksack features padded shoulder straps for a more comfortable fit. It also has a sliding chest strap for a more improved and secured fit. Karrimor Cheetah Women’s Rucksack also has ice axe/walking pole attachments to make your travel activities convenient and limitless. Like other high quality backpacks, Karrimor Cheetah Women’s Rucksack is also hydration system compatible. It has a capacity of 50 litres and it weighs 2270g. It is just perfect for women and it weighs just right to be sturdy and durable. Check it out on Amazon.

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