Karrimor Alpiniste 45+10 Rucksack

The Alpiniste Rucksack is a well known rucksack for over two decades. Its latest version, the Karrimor Alpiniste Rucksack is still as good as how it was years before. It is definitely made to become a classic rucksack that everyone will always love. The backpack has a padded back system for a more comfortable experience. It also uses an airflow system that makes sure that the back is well ventilated and to make sure that there is a free airflow in the bag’s interior and its surroundings. Its shoulder straps are also padded to make you more comfortable while carrying the Karrimor Alpiniste Rucksack and at the same time reduce the weight of the loads.
Karrimor Alpiniste 45+10 Rucksack


Karrimor Alpiniste Rucksack has a single compartment but it includes a snow lock extension and lid that allows you to extend or add ten litres more capacity. Wand pockets can be found on Karrimor Alpiniste 45+10 Rucksack’s sides along its side compression straps. Side compression straps are really convenient for those who are into trekking. The material of Karrimor Alpiniste 45+10 Rucksack is very durable. Its fabric is designed to be very sturdy in terms of carrying a massive weight of 45 +10 litres. It is made of a rips-stop fabric which simply means that it will not easily tear apart or become floppy.
Karrimor Alpiniste 45+10 Rucksack

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Final thoughts

Other features of Karrimor Alpiniste Rucksack includes the removable hip belt and the top tensioning straps. It also has twin ice axe or pole attachment points. Karrimor Alpiniste 45+10 Rucksack is also hydration system compatible. It weighs 1350g so it a little but lighter compared to other brands so we can say that Karrimor Alpiniste 45+10 Rucksack is very comfortable to carry. I would recommend this to those who love to go to mountains, do trekking, or go for a hike. Check it out on Amazon.

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