Fraser Island

In the last six months I have seen and done many things. Fraser Island ranks incredibly high on my list of favourites. It doesn’t matter that I ate my own body weight in sand or lost my flip flops (why did you have to leave me?), Fraser Island is incredible!

Fraser Island has so much to offer and is a must see if you are travelling the East Coast of Australia. Lake McKenzie rivals the beaches of Whitehaven, Lake Wabby has beautiful emerald water and the views from Indian Head are stunning. Throw in Dingos trying to break into your camp and more sand then you can shake a bucket and spade at and you have an incredible experience.

You’ll also never have a better chance to watch the stars. It’s as quiet as you want it to be and you can see every star in the sky. I spent hours one night watching shooting stars. I made a lot of wishes that night, let’s hope they come true.

Anyway enough banter. Watch this and be jealous…



  • Fiona

    November 19, 2010

    Oh wow, this is one of my favorite places on earth… I’ve been there several times but on my most recent trip we went down to the pier on the inland side at night at low tide and saw about 100 stingrays going absolutely nuts… jumping out of the water, chasing each other around, it was incredible. I recommend!

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