Don’t worry I found…

In the last few days I’ve had classes, done homework and had an exam. Granted the exam was on the beach and we were allowed to share answers but still I’m travelling!

Back in 2007, on a trip to Malta, I had my first taste of diving. It was only at a depth of a few metres and rather basic but still I loved every minute of it (apart from the bit when I got stung by a jelly fish). I always said that I would go diving again and become a certified PADI Open Water Diver. A great place for this, due to the cost and location, is Koh Tao in Thailand.

I went with Crystal Diving which in my opinion was a rather great choice. It’s a big dive school with great instructors. I think the other positive is that they are a very environmentally friendly dive school, which is always a good sign.

I love diving. Some people say that they can’t do it because they feel claustrophobic but I felt the complete opposite, I just feel free. You can turn your head slightly and completely lose sight everything and just end up seeing nothing but blue. Instead of feeling scared it just seems to fill me with tranquility. It’s just a nice calm feeling floating around with nothing but your own thoughts. Among the fish and coral was a six month old wreck of another dive ship (always comforting to see). It always amazes me how quickly nature will take hold of something and make it its own.

I think everyone should try diving at some stage in their lives. I will most definitely be doing it again. I’m looking at doing underwater photography or videography in Australia. Will have to see how the funds go, it’s an expensive hobby but certainly worth it.

Oh nearly forgot. Don’t panic people… I found Nemo.

P.S I thought it would be clever to climb a palm tree. Great photo opportunity right? Wrong. I cut my fingers and feet and by the time my friend had got out his camera I’d fallen out the damn tree. Glad sand is a soft landing!


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