Christmas on Bondi Beach

It’s the Christmas we all dream of; leisurely sitting on Bondi beach with a Santa hat and a BBQ. I did chuckle to myself knowing that back home the weather would be drab and cold. I couldn’t wait for Christmas Day!

My day started off like any other. Wake up, put on some terrible music which annoys the other nine people in my room and then struggle to drag myself out of bed to make breakfast.

Was going swimmingly until I decide to peek outside.


Yes Karma had decide to punch me in the crotch. I’m in Sydney for Christmas and its raining.

My heart was set and I was undeterred about going to the beach. I slipped on my shorts, donned my Santa hat and sunglasses; ready to roll!

I can’t say that the weather got better. If anything it just got wetter, colder and more windy. It’s pretty ironic that on Christmas I was sat on Bondi beach in a hoody in weather that could easily be described as “British”.

It didn’t really matter though. It was Christmas! I have a lot to be thankful for and was surrounded by great company. Everyone did what they would have done on Christmas anyway, with the exception of warmer clothes and McDonalds instead of BBQ food.

But seriously, rain on Christmas day. Damn you irony…

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