Berghaus Smoulder Hoody Jacket Review


One of the newest additions to the Berghaus family of jackets and coats is the Smoulder Hoody Jacket. I’ve been purchasing Berghaus jackets for years and love every single one like it’s one of my own children. It’s a great year-round jacket for your active layering, or it can simply be worn by itself. I…

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Berghaus Frendo Insulated GORE-TEX® Jacket Review


Do you live in an area with super cold winters? Or maybe you just spend a great deal of your winter outdoors while hiking, snowshoeing, climbing, sledding, or skiing. I used the Berghaus Frendo Insulated GORE-TEX® jacket on my recent winter trip, and I have to say that it did the job and then some.…

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Berghaus Twentyfourseven 30ltr Rucksack Review

Whether I am hitting the trail for a day hike or on the go around town, the Berghaus Twentyfourseven 30ltr Rucksack is the first thing I grab. Finding the perfect rucksack for casual travel or school is tricky. Your bag needs to be light, comfortable, and still have enough room for your supplies. It should…

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Top 10 Best Backpacking Tents for Camping

With backpacking tents, you have a lightweight tent to take with you on any outdoor excursion. They unfold easily so you can rest and be protected from the elements. A multi-person backpacking tent lets you share the adventure of a lifetime. Made of durable materials, the many products complete the perfect outdoor trip to the…

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Top 8 Best Backpacking Water Filters for Camping

Water is something you cannot leave out of an outdoor adventure. Backpacking water filters can provide you with much-needed, contaminant-free replenishment throughout the day. If you want to stay hydrated and free of unwanted organisms and potential diseases, then you’ll need adequate water treatment. Most people don’t know what goes into finding the right system.…

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Top 8 Backpacking Sleeping Bags for Camping

To keep warm and comfortable outdoors, you need backpacking sleeping bags that can do the job. Always consider the temperature rating and the materials lining the bag. A low weight bag that is durable and roomy is best. When looking for the best backpacking bag for sleeping, the insulators are important to look at too.…

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Top 8 Best Backpacking Hammocks for Camping

On camping trips, some people choose a hammock over a tent or sleeping bag. It can avoid sleeping on uneven ground, rocks, tree roots and stumps, and wet surfaces. There are even hammock hanging kits so you can swing comfortably and smoothly; these make it easy to set up what looks like a difficult installation…

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Top 8 Best Backpacking Boots for Hiking & Trekking

Finding the right backpacking boots can make or break your camping trip. They provide great support for when traversing rugged terrain. These boots can also make carrying heavy packs much easier, and they’re resistant to moisture and any type of weather. The lighter the boot, the more comfortable it is. You want it to be…

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