The Alchemist Quotes – Inspiring Quotes From The Alchemist


If you haven’t read The Alchemist, one of the best-selling books of all time, then you’ll be in a minority. Written in 1988 in Portuguese, it has since been translated into 67 languages and will forever be on the reading list for those with a wanderlust heart. Below are a collection of my favourite quotes…

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5 Things You Should Have in Your Travel Size Emergency Kit

Over the years, we have exactly four weeks of vacation, and we surely want them to be perfect. Extreme sports enthusiasts travel to Asia, other who love dangerous hiking go to the mountains while people longing for culinary tours choose Europe for their next vacation destination. However, it pays to know how to prepare for…

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It’s All a Matter of Perspective and Definition

Back in August 2015, U.S. Virginia based Stayer University made the news headlines for its proposal that the definition of success, specifically as the Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines it, should be changed. The Webster’s definition of success – that it is to achieve wealth, respect, or fame – is, according to interested parties at the…

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A Heart to Heart about Travel Blogging: Or Getting it Working for You

I have given you advice on dropping your life and taking a gap year, even let you know the lessons I learnt from my first gap year, but now it’s time to share a couple of lessons I have learnt while monetizing my travel blog. Here they are: To Get in the Game You Need…

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FlightHub’s Guide To Macgyver-Ing Your Next Backpacking Trip

Everyone wants to feel like the supreme handy man. Maybe you have no aspirations of building homes or becoming an engineer, but you want to know that if a pressing situation arises, you can improvise and come up with a solution quickly. More or less, you want to be MacGyver. The popular action star graced…

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Self-Defence For The Road: FlightHub Outlines How To Stay Safe And Recognize Trouble

Travelling abroad is generally a very valuable experience. You meet new people, see new places, and live experiences that are truly priceless. But, with travel comes the risk of also seeing the bad side of the world. While crime exists no matter which neighbourhood you are in, running into trouble on the road can be…

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What Remains Unseen in my Travel Photos


I am a pretty big advocate of taking pictures of everything. On some of my trips when I was younger, I didn’t want to be bothered with taking photos. I wanted to enjoy the moment and not be removed from it. The way I saw it, when you spend your time traveling looking through a…

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How Travelling Can Become a Career


Has traveling always been a distant dream for you? Something you desire in the same way that you fantasize about quitting your job and becoming something fantastical like a tree surgeon in Peru or a professional poker player in Las Vegas? We all have seemingly wild dreams, things we enjoy fantasizing about, and conversing over…

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