Into The Ice – Lindstrom’s Polar Legacy


Mount Salen rises above the Soroysundet sound, offering majestic views of the surrounding Norwegian islands and the Arctic Ocean. Climbing the mountain was not quite like being on the top of the world, but being in the northernmost town in the world has a pretty special feeling. Whilst on a Hurtigruten cruise, I took the…

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10 Best Places For Dog Sledding – Husky Sledding Safari


Huskies are such beautiful animals. Put them together, a sled and an Arctic landscape and you’ve got yourself a rather niche and epic adventure. I recently went dog sledding with Hurtigruten as part of an Arctic cruise and being such a dog lover it was one of the highlights for me. As much as the…

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Where Is the Best Place to See the Northern Lights? Top 10


Ask anyone about their bucket list and 9/10 seeing the northern lights will be on there. Thankfully there are many places across the world that you can see the world’s greatest light show. We give you our top ten places to see the northern lights… Northern Lights Norway There’s no better place to see the…

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North Cape – Visiting the End of the World at Nordkapp Norway


Rising out of the turbulent waters where the Atlantic meets the Arctic Ocean, the North Cape quite literally took my breath away. The stark beauty of the cliff, combined with the frigid temperatures, caught in my throat as I stepped off of the bus. Here I was, about as far north as you can go…

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Norway – Europe’s Untouched Playground

On a damp and miserable afternoon in early November, I maxed out my credit card. Oops! I should have been angry at myself for being a business graduate who still couldn’t look after his own finances, but I didn’t care. I had bills to pay, but I didn’t care. There were starving children in third…

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