Top 20 Jaw Dropping Things to do in Maldives


Maldives is one of those unique gems that makes you feel as if every moment is a postcard. White sand, aquamarine water, palm trees, hammocks, great weather and all of the other things you think of that come to mind when picturing a tropical paradise; the Maldives is it. After a stay on Meeru Island,…

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My Maldives Holiday at Meeru Island Resort


When you start calling your villa “home” and pull a face like a child having its sweets taken away, you know you’re going to miss it. I spent a week in Maldives at Meeru Island Resort and I miss it, a lot! I was torn between a few countries for this trip but settled on…

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Top 5 Maldives Diving Spots – Maldives Scuba Diving Guide


With the average water temperature being 28 degrees and the ridiculous amounts of things to see, scuba diving in the Maldives is a great place to dive or get your PADI. Visibility in January to May is approximately 20m – 50m and April to December is 15-25m. I also really enjoy diving without a wet…

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