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Have You Reached a Plateau With Your Blog?

Are Growing Slowly Or Not At All?

Running A Successful Blog Isn't As Easy As It Used To Be... But It's Still Possible

  • Google moves the goal posts with every update.
  • You can't make a living on freebies.
  • Sponsored posts aren't a sustainable income.
  • There is a lot more competition.
  • There is a lot of conflicting information on the web.
  • Courses and books on blogging are generic and become obsolete.
  • There is another way...

A Novel Approach To Blogging Success

Discover How You Can Achieve Huge Results With Simple And Effective Advice

The Secrets Top Bloggers Don't Want You To Know To Crush Your Niche

Blogger Consultancy and Mentorship

By using the strategic, analytic and goal driven nature of Consulting and combining it with the personalized nature of Mentoring, you can see massive results for your blog. This works in any niche from travel and fashion blogging to tech and lifestyle.

How It Works

Audit and Goal Setting

First we take a look at where you are, what your goals are for your online exploits and how we can get you there.

Monthly Meet

We will talk once a month to troubleshoot, check progress and keep things on track. A month gives you enough time to take action on your goals

Personalized Support

This isn't a cookie cutter approach. This will be 1-on-1 coaching that is totally catered to you.

Unlimited E-mail Support

You won't just be left to your own devices. Help and advice is only a click away.

Coaching & Mentoring

You won't be dictated too, on the contrary, it will be a collaborative approach. We both want you to succeed and this process will be both enriching and fun.

You Are In The Driving Seat

You decide how many sessions we do. You blog might only need tweaking or it could be several months in the making. It's all your call.

Real Results From A Professional Blogger & Internet Marketer

Amar is a former management consultant turned full-time location independent world traveler. He went from boardroom to blog and has spent over four years making money online. Amar uses his financial, time and location freedom to travel and has been to 6 continents.

Amar is also a travel guide author, adventure sports enthusiast and enjoys working with bloggers to realize their full potential. Although he left the corporate world, the mindset for business remains and is directed towards online pursuits.

Kiara King

“Amar’s advice is given in a simple step-by-step ‘anything is possible’ approach, which makes it highly achievable. There is no one better to learn from that somebody who has already been in our position, and successfully pushed their blog to the next level and beyond. To be honest, I’ve never been this motivated, all thanks to Amar’s continuous encouragement.”

Kiara King Lion In The Wild

Powerful Areas In Which You Can Expand And Grow

  • Social Media

    Effective Social Media strategies to grow a community and increase engagement.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Rank your content higher on search engines and increase organic traffic.

  • Outsourcing

    Move on from a solo act to grow your blog and free up your own time.

  • Monetization

    Move away from sponsored content and create sustainable revenue streams.

  • Partnerships and Sponsorships

    Gain sponsorship, pitch effectively and create beneficial relationships.

  • Publishing

    Successfully publish your first book, gain authority in your niche and attract new readers.

Bloggers And Online Entrepreneurs Trust Amar

David Newell David Newell, Gadget-O "Amar is innately commercial and always focusing on the value drivers of your business. In that sense he is giving you advice that is inherently going to improve the value of your blog."
Brandy Bell Brandy Bell, It's One World. Travel. "Amar's easy going demeanor allowed me to open up, plan, plot, and dream out loud with someone who understood the steps I needed to take to achieve my personal success. Don't be fooled by his relaxed nature, Amar is a business brain!"
Sarah Williams Sarah Williams, Style On The Couch "I appreciate honesty and it was nice to know the bottom line in terms of the effects of the things I wasn't doing. I got more sponsorships and collaborations after talking to you!"
Neil Barnes Neil Barnes, Backpacks and Bunkbeds "Why not seek advice from someone with a proven track record in a fun, friendly, non judgmental or dictating environment? It's just like having a chat with a mate about a subject you're both passionate about."

An Affordable Mentor With Huge ROI For You And Your Blog

Pay Monthly
$80.00Per Month
  • 1 hour consultation per month
  • Personalized blog strategy
  • Unlimited e-mail support
  • Personal coaching and feedback
  • Full site audit and tune up
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3 Months
$70.00Per Month
  • 1 hour consultation per month
  • Personalized blog strategy
  • Unlimited e-mail support
  • Personal coaching and feedback
  • Full site audit and tune up
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Alexandra Jimenez

After only one meeting with Amar my profits went through the roof. He took the blogging world,  confusing and overwhelming for a newbie,  and outlined the most important aspects so I could focus on things that actually mattered. Working with Amar is like getting the shortcut to success.

Alexandra Jimenez Travel Fashion Girl

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P.S Signing up for 6 months worth of mentoring is a steal! It's $60 a month saving you $120. Think about how many opportunities you may have left on the table already. You can't afford not to take up this offer.

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