Ella Rock Hike – The Best Step-by-Step Direct Route


No doubt you’ve read blog articles, forum posts and Trip Advisor reviews about Ella Rock routes and wondering whether you need a guide or can do this hike yourself. Sadly, a lot of what is online about the hike is out of date or incorrect. Trust me, I know, I read it all before I…

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Top 20 Jaw Dropping Things to do in Maldives


Maldives is one of those unique gems that makes you feel as if every moment is a postcard. White sand, aquamarine water, palm trees, hammocks, great weather and all of the other things you think of that come to mind when picturing a tropical paradise; the Maldives is it. After a stay on Meeru Island,…

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My Maldives Holiday at Meeru Island Resort


When you start calling your villa “home” and pull a face like a child having its sweets taken away, you know you’re going to miss it. I spent a week in Maldives at Meeru Island Resort and I miss it, a lot! I was torn between a few countries for this trip but settled on…

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Top 5 Maldives Diving Spots – Maldives Scuba Diving Guide


With the average water temperature being 28 degrees and the ridiculous amounts of things to see, scuba diving in the Maldives is a great place to dive or get your PADI. Visibility in January to May is approximately 20m – 50m and April to December is 15-25m. I also really enjoy diving without a wet…

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Why America Needs to Be on Your List of Countries for a Gap Year

Life can be hard and we’re rarely ever given a break. We are born, spend the young half of our lives in education and the latter part is purely just work. The grown-up part of life is a horrible paradox; we go through a cycle of stress and enjoyment. This is why it’s very important…

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The Alchemist Quotes – Inspiring Quotes From The Alchemist


If you haven’t read The Alchemist, one of the best-selling books of all time, then you’ll be in a minority. Written in 1988 in Portuguese, it has since been translated into 67 languages and will forever be on the reading list for those with a wanderlust heart. Below are a collection of my favourite quotes…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Interrailing Europe – Backpack Europe by Rail

Backpacking Europe is a dream for many and one of the most spontaneous, affordable and unique ways in which to see the continent is to use its extensive train network. Thankfully there are country and global passes that exist which allow you unlimited travel within and between countries. For Europeans this is know as an…

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Snowboarding in Saint Gervais, France


When you think of snowboarding in France, Meribel, Chamonix or Courchevel might come to mind. Saint Gervais was pretty unknown to me before I went but I managed to sneak in a spring snowboarding trip before the snow disappeared. Naturally I jumped at the chance to try somewhere different and I was not disappointed by…

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