Berghaus Women’s Bioflex 50+10 Rucsac

Berghaus Women’s Bioflex Rucsac is another rucksack from a famous rucksack manufactureer, the Berghaus. Berghaus Women’s Bioflex Rucsac is intentionally designed to provide optimum comfort to women even through vigorous activities such as trekking, hiking, or simple camping and walking.

Berghaus Women's Bioflex 50+10 Rucsac


Its back system is fully adjustable and it is designed with lightweight aluminum poles to make sure that the rucksack is stable and able to move effortlessly with the user’s body. It improves the load’s center of gravity to reduce burden and fatigue to the one carrying the backpack. Berghaus Women’s Bioflex Rucsac’s shoulder harness is designed to follow a feminine shape for maximum comfort. Berghaus Women’s Bioflex Rucsac is perfectly designed to provide women specific comfort. Women have different needs from men, so using a rucksack that is shaped and designed for them is really a smarter choice. So when ladies go for heavy activities like hiking and trekking, they are assured that they are secured and comfortable all throughout the activity.

Berghaus Women’s Bioflex Rucsac’s main compartment is very spacious. In fact, it can carry a massive 50 +10 litres capacity. Berghaus Women’s Bioflex Rucsac has extendable top lid pocket and a base compartment with zipper to give you more storage. This, plus lots of exterior pockets makes your travelling and packing a lot more convenient.

Berghaus Women's Bioflex 50+10 Rucsac

Product variations

Berghaus Women’s Bioflex 50 + 10 Rucsac

Berghaus Women’s Bioflex 60 +15 Rucsac

Berghaus Women’s Bioflex Rucsac has a chest strap to ensure stability and security of the user. It also has pole attachment to make your activities more convenient. Berghaus Women’s Bioflex Rucsac includes rain cover and it is likewise hydration system compatible. Pockets included are the top lid pocket, the hipbelt pocket with zipper, the zipped front and internal lid pocket, and the large dual layer mesh pockets on the side. Check it out on Amazon.


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