Australia’s answer to Amsterdam

After a huge hippy festival in 1973, Nimbin earned itself a place on Australia’s map. With a population of 352 and an unemployment rate of 18 percent this sleepy former dairy town relies heavily on tourism.

If you are in Byron Bay and fancy a day away consider doing a little trip to Nimbin. It’s a tiny town and would take you five minutes to walk from one end to another. You’ll see plenty of free spirits, with dreadlocks roaming around in a bit of a daze or just chilling. There is also a strong smell of marijuana you just can’t escape.

Be sure to check out the museum. Despite being small and rather quirky there are some pretty powerful messages and ideologies on display.

The main attraction for a lot of tourists is the cookies. Be careful though, there is a police presence in Nimbin.

Also be careful if you’ve never had a cookie before. When momma said don’t eat it all at once she wasn’t joking. You may just end up wandering off into the middle of nowhere with a local to talk about your feelings, why the five eyed dog is singing to you and why your new pet rock doesn’t love you anymore.


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